Apple Car Key: tests continue for the app that allows you to open the car from the iPhone

Apple Car Key: proseguono i test per l'app che permette di aprire l'auto da iPhone thumbnail

Announced in July 2020, the feature Apple Car Key would still be in testing. The app, which will allow you to use your iPhone as a key for your car, is currently only available for some cars, such as some BMW models.

The 9to5Mac portal reports that Apple would have launched the app this week on the App Store Car Keys Tests. A sort of trial version which, however, is not easy to install. Car Keys Tests is in fact only available to those who have an Apple developer account. Looking for it on the App Store it is not in fact available.

The new Apple Car Key app is aimed at car manufacturers

The Car Keys Tests app is temporarily intended only for car manufacturers who can thus test integration with the new feature. In this way, more and more manufacturers will be able to implement the possibility of unlocking the car directly from the iPhone.

According to 9to5Mac, the app was only added to the App Store to streamline the process of distributing the app. The portal writes: “it is probable that in the past Apple privately distributed this app directly to Car Key partners. Adding the app to the App Store simplifies that process and makes it easier to distribute the app to testing partners.”

Apple Car Key is currently only implemented on some BMW, Hyundai and Kia car models. Once all the tests have been completed, users will be able to use their Wallet on the iPhone to manage the car. This means that the digital key will allow them to open and lock the car, but also turn it on and “lend” it to other Apple userstemporarily transferring the keys to another account.

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