Game Developer Choice Awards 2022: Inscryption makes a lot of awards

Game Developer Choice Awards 2022: Inscryption sbaraglia la concorrenza thumbnail

During the GDC 2022, as usual, the Game Developer Choice Awards, which saw the awarding of the best video games of this year by the main players of the videogame industry: the best independent videogames were also awarded and in both categories as best game of the year was Inscryption.

Inscryption outperforms the competition

Inscryption has literally swept up prizes, both for the Game Developers Choice Awards, and for theIndependant Game Festival, confirming itself as one of this year’s revelation games. In fact, the title surprised both users and industry critics with a playful offer that was radical to say the least. Here is the recap of the winners of the Independent Game Festival:

  • Best Student Game: Live Adventure
  • Excellence in Visual Art: paptura
  • New Award: Memory Card
  • Audience Awards: Mini Motorways
  • Seumas McNally Grand Prize: Inscryption
  • Excellence in Audio: Inscryption
  • Excellence in Design: Inscryption
  • Excellence in Narrative: Inscryption

Daniel Mullins Games’ game therefore won in audio, narrative and design sector, not to mention the Seaums McNally Grand Prize. An incredible result and that gives the measure of how particular this game can be and able to leave one notable trace within the videogame industry. But let’s also take a look at the winners of the Game Developers Choice Awards 2022.

Game Developer Choice Awards 2022: i vincitori

As for the awards of the games chosen by the software houses, the winners are the following:

  • GDCA 2022 GOTY: Inscryption
  • Best Audio: Unpacking
  • Best Design: It Takes Two
  • Social Impact Award: Boyfriend Dungeon
  • Best Technology: Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart
  • Best Visual Art: Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart
  • Best Debut: Valheim
  • Innovation Award: Unpacking
  • Best Narrative: Psychonauts 2
  • Ambassador Award: Steven Spohn
  • Lifetime Achievement: Yuji Horii
  • Audience Award: Valheim

There is also a winner in the Game Developer Choice Awards 2022 Inscryptionwhich took home the award for best game of the year of this important videogame event, a really great result for a similar video game which, although incredibly valid, ran the real risk of easily going quietly.

We cannot fail to mention the Lifetime Achievement awarded to Yuji Horii, that is, the designer who outlined the first Dragon Quest, in no uncertain terms one of the largest JRPGs in history. For the occasion, Horii also confirmed that we will soon have news on the next chapter of the saga, so ears are pricked for any news.