Aston Martin Valkyrie GP Bahrain with all its power

L'Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro ha mostrato la sua potenza al Gran Premio del Bahrain thumbnail

The Bahrain Gulf Air Formula 1 GP which opened the season last weekend was an opportunity for Aston Martin to showcase its hypercar Valkyrie AMR Pro.

This car is one of the most extraordinary track cars in the world, designed to achieve extreme performance, not limited by road or racing regulations. The fireball is based on a V12 engine without turbocharger delivering a power of 1,000 hp and capable of reaching up to 11,000 rpm. Performance on the track that is close to that of Formula 1 cars.

Dirk Müller, Aston Martin test driver who drove the hypercar in Bahrain said: “I know everyone always says that about the most powerful cars, but seriously, this car thrills you. It’s closer to an F1 car in performance than anything I’ve ever driven. The power, the handling, its grip. All is perfect.”

Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR, in addition to the Bahrain GP, ​​there will be “experience” in other circuits

The Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro completed two laps on the Grand Prix weekend, before the qualifying session on Saturday (19/3) and the Sunday (20/3) morning before the race.

The CEO of Aston Martin is also enthusiastic Tobias Moerswho stated: “This car is the pinnacle of Aston Martin engineering. All our test drivers, all the very successful racing drivers, want to drive the Valkyrie AMR Pro. We are very proud. It is the most extreme Aston Martin ever seen “.

aston martin valkyrie gp bahrain

Thereafter, all Valkyrie owners will have the opportunity to take part in a special track experience program with Aston Martin. Some of the most iconic FIA circuits in the world, from Yas Marina to Silverstone, from the Nürburgring to Fuji and the Circuit of the Americaswill be part of the program that will start in autumn or from September to November, and will include trackside support from legendary F1 drivers and endurance racing.

The Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro (strictly left-hand drive) it is produced in only 40 units already sold. The price is not known, but there is talk of 3 million euros to be able to drive it and enjoy the roar of the V12.