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Game Developers Conference: The annual event returns to San Francisco in 2022

The Game Developers Conference returns to San Francisco after a 2-year absence due to COVID-19

You return to San Francisco for the video game industry’s annual event, the Game Developers Conference (GDC). The event will see programmers, artists, producers and many other professionals come together to exchange ideas and shape the future of the sector. The event program is very rich and features over 700 sessions including conferences, panels, tutorials and round tables. The topics covered will all focus on the development of games, from audio to marketing, then also talking about graphics and much more.

The last edition was in 2019, due to the stop dictated by the Covid emergency. That year the conference attracted over 29,000 attendees, 70% of them from North America and the remaining 30% from Europe and Asia. At the 2019 Game Developers Conference we had seen over 550 companies including Epic Games, NVIDIA, Intel, Google, Facebook and Amazon.

Game Developers Conference: the event returns after a two-year stop

This year, at the Game Developers Conference, Italy will participate with 20 companies. Unfortunately, only 7 of these will be present in the institutional stand organized by ICE-Agenzia, in collaboration with the IIDEA association. The other 13, in fact, will participate digitally on an online platform. Our delegation is highly specialized, with operators developing different types of videogames for the main distribution platforms.

A strong point will also be the great variety of genres ranging from racing to action, passing through single player experiences and multiplayer competitions. In support of the Italian participation, ICE Agenzia – Los Angeles Office in close coordination with the Audiovisual & Multimedia Office of the Rome Office, has developed a package of services that includes: ICE – IIDEA institutional stand, catalog on Italian companies and a publication entitled “Games in Italy” to be distributed during the fair.

Game Developers Conference: The annual event returns to San Francisco in 2022

Furthermore, to give greater emphasis to the Italian presence, a side event organized by the Consulate General of Italy in San Francisco is planned on March 22, 2022. The event will be held at the Los Angeles office of the ICE-Agency and will be called “Games industry…Italian Style”. The event will open with the institutional greetings of the Consul General of Italy in San Francisco, Sergio Strozziand the ICE-Agency Director of the Los Angeles office Alessandra Rainaldiwho has already given an interview about the Game Developers Conference:

After two years of absence due to the pandemic, we are particularly happy to be able to bring Italian gaming back to San Francisco for the traditional appointment with the Gaming Developers Conference, one of the most important world forums for video games. Despite the pandemic, in recent years the Italian game industry has recorded a growth of 45% in the employment of the sector from 2018 to 2021 with more than 1,600 developers and 160 studios and has confirmed its strong international vocation. The USA remains a particularly attractive market for the sector, second in the world after the United Kingdom, with an estimated growth of up to $ 33.59 million this year, equal to 7.7% per year and a number of gamers up to 185 million by 2026

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