Game Pass, all the games of April 2023: there is also Ghostwire: Tokyo

Game Pass, i giochi di aprile 2023: c’è anche Ghostwire: Tokyo thumbnail

This April, like every month, subscribers to Xbox Game Pass eagerly await the new games in the catalog. Also this time Microsoft has reconfirmed the formula of the two tranches: with a part of the titles announced for the first half of the month and the other part that will arrive later.

Specifically they are five titles arriving in the catalog in these first two weeks of April, including the highly acclaimed Ghostwire: Tokyo, which arrives from April 12, and debuts on Xbox consoles after being exclusive to PlayStation for over a year. Already available instead Loop Hero, arrived on the Game Pass catalog just yesterday.

All new April 2023 games on Xbox Game Pass

  • Loop Hero – Already available for Xbox consoles and PC
  • Iron Brigade – From April 6th for consoles (also in the cloud)
  • Ghostwire: Tokyo – From April 12 for Xbox consoles and PC (also in the cloud)
  • NHL 23 – From April 13 for Xbox consoles (via EA Play)
  • Minecraft Legends – From April 18 for Xbox consoles and PC (also in the cloud)

The month of Game Pass began on April 4th with Loop Hero, a card-based RPG in which the player creates the world around his hero. The aim is to survive, of course, and to do so you will need to manage resources, cards and various challenges.

From 6 April instead it will be the turn of Iron Brigade, in which you’ll have to control a customizable mecha to fight against hordes of mechanical monsters called Pipes and defend the radios from their attack. The game features an online co-op mode.

What to say about Ghostwire: Tokyo What haven’t we already mentioned in our review? The title is a captivating action-adventure game in which we will be called upon to fight the paranormal forces that have invaded the city of Tokyo. We will have supernatural powers at our disposal and we will have to try to uncover the mystery behind the disappearance of the city’s inhabitants.

Ice hockey lovers will be happy to know that the new chapter in the NHL saga will arrive for free from April 13 on Game Pass thanks to EA Play, while on April 18 it will be the turn of Minecraft Legendsthe new chapter of the popular sandbox announced during the last Xbox and Bethesda Developer Direct in January.

In Minecraft Legends players will be able to engage in battles PvP multiplayer. Two teams, made up of up to four players each, will have to gather resources, build a base and surround the opposing team’s forces. It will also be possible to play against the AI ​​and defend the Overworld from the invasion of the destructive Piglins.