NZXT presenta il microfono USB Capsule Mini e il Boom Arm Mini thumbnail

NZXT introduces the Capsule Mini USB Microphone and Boom Arm Mini

NZXT introduces the Capsule Mini USB Microphone and Boom Arm Mini thumbnail

NZXT announces the Capsule Mini USB microphone and the Boom Arm Mini, two ideal solutions for streamers but also for those who want to take smart working to another level.

NZXT Announces Capsule Mini Microphone and Boom Arm Mini

The Capsule Mini is a Compact yet powerful USB microphone, which offers exceptional audio quality thanks to its internal capsule optimized for vocal frequencies. The microphone has a 24-bit/48kHz resolution. And a unidirectional cardioid pattern that cuts out background noise, such as keyboard keys or ambient noise. The result is a vclear and crisp oce in every game situation. Whether it’s streaming, calling or voice chatting.

NZXT Capsule Mini USB Microphone and the Boom Arm Mini min

The Boom Arm Mini is the perfect complement to the Capsule Mini, as it allows you to position the microphone optimally and save space on your desk. The boom arm has a compact and foldable design, with smooth and stable arms that can be adjusted easily. Plus, it has internal cable trays that help maintain the order and aesthetics of the workstation.

The Boom Arm Mini has a elegant and discreet look, with hidden springs and a solid structure. It is compatible with all Capsule Series microphones.

NZXT USB Capsule Mini e il Boom Arm Mini min

One of the advantages is the simplicity of use: just connect them to the PC via USB and they are ready to work. No additional software or drivers needed, sono plug and play.

Both the microphone and the boom are already available on Amazon, with the microphone available in both black and white. Both cost 69.99 euros, so with a relatively low cost you can buy both and have a good level streaming station (or a great setup for smart working).

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