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Gamers8: the festival dedicated to eSports and gaming is back again in 2023

Gamers8 turns the spotlight not only on the playful aspect of gaming, but also on the progress of technology, including graphics, consoles and latest generation software

Gamers everywhere, mark July 6, 2023 in your calendar! It’s the day when the eagerly awaited new edition of Gamers8 begins, the most important festival in the world for all fans of eSports and gaming in general. As in past editions, this incredible game and technology festival will take place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and will last approximately 8 weeks. For all gaming fans, this is an event not to be missed. Growth in this sector seems to know no obstacles and more and more users are choosing gaming platforms as a form of entertainment.

Gamers8 turns the spotlight not only on the playful aspect of gaming, but also on the progress of technology, including graphics, consoles and latest generation software. Always in the field of technology, the wide range of safe and legal online sites also allows those who like gambling to enjoy moments of pure fun without worries. In fact, to play a game of poker or a few rounds of slots, simply connect to one of the many official platforms available, such as the exclusive online casinos in Switzerland, open a gaming account and try your luck online, from the comfort of your home.

For those who prefer to travel and are lucky enough to be able to snatch a ticket to Riyadh, this edition of Gamers8 promises to be even richer than the previous one, which nonetheless saw the participation of around one and a half million visitors from more than 60 countries in Worldwide. The title of the 2023 festival is “Land of Heroes”, i.e. land of heroes: a name that carries with it the promise of thrilling all those who decide to travel to the Saudi capital between July and September of this year.

Tournaments, news, forums and lots of music: all Gamers8 events

The Gamers8 2023 tournaments have just been announced and there is already talk of records: the total prize pool, which amounts to tens of millions of dollars, is the richest among those recorded in events of this kind. It is therefore an unmissable opportunity to admire the best teams and the absolute stars of gaming as they compete in exciting challenges, in the most famous MOBA, FPS and many other categories.

Compared to the 2002 edition, the prize pool has practically tripled, going from about 15 million dollars to 45. A massive presence of teams from all over the world is therefore expected. At the moment, it is not known for sure which esports will be competed in this year. In the 2002 edition there were, among others, Fortnite, Dota 2, Rainbow Six and Rocket League.

Alongside the competitions, every weekend Gamers8 becomes a stage where world-famous artists perform their concerts: a party for all the participants in this incredible gaming show, where you will have the opportunity to be catapulted into many parallel worlds that represent the scenarios of the most popular games. As in previous editions, real armies of colorful cosplayers are expected!

Gamers8 also hosts the area dedicated to developers (DevZone), where you can test the latest news in the software and hardware of video games. It goes without saying that the major developer companies will compete to be present. There are also events for insiders, with many in-depth forums for sector operators.

The Saudi eSports Federation

Behind the organization of an event of this magnitude is the Saudi eSports Federation, an entity that has been promoting the entire gaming sector for many years, from the formation of champion teams to the intense work side by side with private investors to international level. One of the fruits of this activity is the Gamers8, which today represents a point of reference for both the public and the industry of the sector. Although this federation was born only five years ago, in 2017, his tireless work has been able to interpret the growth of gaming, channeling important forces in the right direction. All that remains is to wait for the start of this new edition of Gamers8: tickets will soon be available directly on the official website of the festival.