Gamescom 2021: The Outlast Trials revealed, and is coop multiplayer

There are many games shown in this Opening Night Live of Gamescom 2021, and among the many important announcements, there was also space for the new chapter of the famous horror series called The Outlast Trials, and one of the most important news is that the game it will be multiplayer coop

The games announced during the Open Night Live of the Gamescom 2021 there have been many. In addition to those announced, such as Far Cry 6 or Call of Duty Vanguard from Geoff Keighley two days ago, there was room for other unexpected titles like Cult of the Lamb, or Marvel Midnight Suns. Another of these, as you will have seen from the title of the article, is the new chapter of Outlast. It was in fact announced, during the opening conference of Gamescom 2021, The Outlast Trials, the new title of the series: it also seems that there will be the component multiplayer coop!

Gamescom 2021: The Outlast Trials e il multiplayer

The title, like all the other chapters in the series, will be developed by Red Barrels. As already mentioned, the biggest novelty of the title compared to the previous ones, is the addition of the possibility to play the campaign in multiplayer coop, bringing a new level of depth to the challenges this horror adventure will put in front of players.

In the trailer, we can see various somewhat disturbing scenes, with a narrating voice in the background, explaining to the viewer why he is in the asylum, and how their goal is to make us a “productive member of society”. The game is out in 2022, although no more specific launch window was given unfortunately

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