Gamescom 2022: l’Awesome Indies Showcase in diretta!

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Thanks to this article you can follow live the long-awaited Awesome Indies Showcase of Gamescom 2022 which will be held today starting at 17:30

By now we have finally come to the conclusion of the Gamescom 2022. After several great presentations such as l’Opening Night Live and the Xbox conferencethe Cologne fair is about to close with l’Awesome Indies Showcase. Many titles will be shown during this event indie very eagerly awaited and for sure there will be too several new ads. If you are interested in seguire l’Awesome Indies Showcase of Gamescom live, in this article you will find a player who will allow you to do it with us.

Gamescom is about to be invaded by a sea of ​​indies

Starting from 17:30 On the stage of Gamescom 2022, many leading indie titles and not yet announced will be shown. Unfortunately for this conference, not a lot of anticipations have been made, but nonetheless we know the names of some games that are sure to make their appearance.

For example, the presence of Metal: Hellsinger, the highly anticipated hybrid game between FPS and rhythm game, e Gatewalkers, a survival RPG set in a fantasy universe. Also during the presentation we will most likely be able to see too Deadinka lightning-fast roguelike FPS, and Hard, an eccentric title dealing with mental health issues. In addition to these games already announced, however, there will certainly also be many surprises and completely unexpected new announcements.

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