Madame protagonist of Creators Room Flex Edition with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4

Madame protagonista di Creators Room Flex Edition con il Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 thumbnail

Samsung presented the first special appointment of Creators Room Flex Edition, which shows the expressive potential of Galaxy Z Flip4, made with the participation of the singer Madame. This is only the first of four appointments with as many Italian talents to show the potential of the foldable smartphone.

Madame talks about Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip4 in the Creators Room Flex Edition

A format that wants to show how to use technology to tell one’s own stories. Under the motto of “Open your world”, the Korean brand invites you to tell your passions to the fullest and does so by asking for the help of four Italian talents.

The first date is with Madame, the singer who will hold a special live dedicated on the singer’s Instagram account and also at this link. To share your music with the world it takes talent and dedication, but above all the courage to know how to tell.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 flexcam

In this special Madame tells how she experiences a concert through Galaxy Z Flip4, opening a window on her world. Made of travel, sound-check in the heat and backstage. All to be able to go on stage and give emotions to those who love her music.

With Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 it becomes possible to enter behind the scenes of his tour, in particular of theexhibition in Alghero on 10 August. A glimpse to see the artist behind the scenes and to understand how to best tell himself.

At this link you will also find all the other events with other Italian talents, which will continue to show how art can be created through it foldable clamshell smartphone from Samsung. And maybe find inspiration to be able to express yourself to the fullest.