Gamescom 2023, all the announcements and trailers of the Opening Night Live

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Summer never stops offering exciting news in the world of video games. Geoff Keighleyknown for its passion and dedication to bringing the latest industry news to enthusiasts around the world, introduced the‘Opening Night Live alla Gamescom 2023: trailers, updates and previews, here are all the news coming to the world of gaming.

Among the most awaited titles, names of great appeal stand out such as “Mortal Kombat 1”, “Alan Wake 2” e “Assassin’s Creed Mirage”. But we have also seen advances on “Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty”, gameplay of “Call of Duty“. And there has also been room for the world of cinema, with Zack Snyder who presented the first trailer for his Netflix movie “Rebel Moon“.

Gamescom 2023, the news of the Opening Night Live

In this article we summarize all the most important trailer and announcements of the eveningreally full of news. But if you want to see the whole event live, you can find the YouTube stream in its entirety below.

Announcements of the evening

As usual, the announcement event presented by Geoff Keighley alternated moments full of announcements and insights into individual games, interviews and surprises. An ever-changing pace, which barely leaves time to write down announcements and release dates. So here’s a rundown of all the announcements.

Starfield IRL, Age of Empire IV per console e non solo

Opening Night Live kicked off with a live-action trailer for “Starfield,” just weeks after launch. This type of trailer has become a tradition for Bethesda, but this one was distinguished by the inclusion of unusual elements, such as the presence of Elton John.

Bandai Namco has presented a preview trailer for Little Nightmares III during the event. The game is slated for release in 2024, continuing the hit series.

After the unexpected interruption of a fan on stage, Microsoft launched a surprise Age of Empires IV on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One consoles, as well as making it available on Xbox Game Pass. The game was originally released in 2021 for PC.

Almost seven years after the release of Killing Floor 2, it was announced “Killing Floor 3” with a world premiere trailer. A precise release date has not yet been communicated.

Ubisoft has presented a new trailer for “Assassin’s Creed Mirage” during Opening Night Live. The game will be released on October 5, one week before the initial date.

Cinema moment: Zack Snyder announces the trailer for Rebel Moon

Zack Snyder, the director of 300 and the Justice League, takes us to space with the trailer of Rebel Moon, which will arrive on Netflix in December. It is interesting that the first trailer of this film among the stars arrives during the Gamescom Opening Night Live 2023.

Tekken 8 and much more

After the excellent Street Fighter 6, another fighting game from a classic series arrives early next year: Tekken 8 debuts on January 26, 2024. With a new way to play the historic Arcade mode.

After the presentation of “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III”, a long gameplay video of the upcoming shooter’s campaign has been released. The video is available on YouTube, but is age-restricted (click “Watch on YouTube” if you don’t see it correctly below).

The team behind Genshin Impact also presented a new trailer for their new sci-fi action game called Zenless Zone Zero. While no release date has been announced, the trailer has garnered a lot of interest.

The recently released game from the developers of Genshin Impact, Honkai: Star Rail, will arrive on PS5 in Q4 2023. A “Technical Test Recruitment” for the PS5 version will be available from August 23rd. Currently the game is playable on PC and mobile devices.

The side scrolling 2D game Sonic Superstars was announced during the Summer Game Fest 2023. This new Sonic adventure has attracted attention due to its originality in an era dominated by remasters and remakes. The release is set for October 17, three days before Super Mario Wonder.

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty and much more

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty: CD Projekt Red has revealed a new trailer for the main expansion of Cyberpunk 2077, called “Phantom Liberty”. The trailer showed off changes like a redesigned perks system and new vehicles coming with the expansion. The release of “Phantom Liberty” is scheduled for September 26th.

Last year Marvel Snap it won the award for mobile game of the year and this year it arrives on Steam (until now there was only early access on PC). A new graphical interface and horizontal display support make it easier to play on your gaming computer.

Yes Mortal Kombat 1 and Diablo IV

Mortal Kombat 1 shows Sindel, Raiden and General Shao with also the centaur Motaro. If fans of the series are waiting for nothing else, seeing the designs of these characters makes the wait even more exciting.

After the brutality of the fighting game, Gamescom Opening Night Live 2023 comes alive with the colors of Thank Goodness You’re Here!. The game, which arrives next year, has a design reminiscent of a two-dimensional cartoon and has the flavor of a comedy.

Remedy instead showed the new trailer of Alan Wake 2, which best shows the main character of the series. The game arrives on October 27 and promises pure terror for the “spooky season” of Halloween.

Blizzard has announced a blood-filled second season for Diablo IV, with new bosses, quests and items to recover and put to good use. In the released trailer we also hear Gemma Chan, the Crazy & Rich and Eternals actress who will voice Aeris. The season will start on October 17th.

Geoff Keighley then closed the evening by announcing that The Game Awards will return on December 7th. But the announcements will also continue from Cologne: we will keep you updated on all the news of Gamescom 2023, even after the Opening Night Live.

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