Twitch testa un feed verticale in stile TikTok thumbnail

Twitch is testing a TikTok-style vertical feed

Twitch is introducing the “discovery feed,” a feature it seems to take inspiration from TikTok, making us find interesting videos with vertical scrolling. The goal is to offer a more engaging and faster way to explore creator content.

Twitch tests a vertical feed, in full TikTok style

Twitch announced the news with a post su X (Twitter). The company explained that the discovery feed will first engage a select group of users on Tuesday. This move follows a trend in the tech industry that is now evident. Several platforms are adopting TikTok-like formats to make pmore immediate and engaging the consumption of content.

The Twitch “discovery feed” will feature clip sourced from creators within the platform. Initially, the clips will be mostly horizontal, but Twitch has announced that as the feed evolves, will also introduce vertical clips. There will be featured clips, handpicked by the creators themselves, but also popular clips handpicked by the platform. In order to make discovering news more easily.

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This move represents an important step for Twitch, which joins a list of companies including Spotify, Amazon e Reddit, which have implemented formats similar to TikTok. The company announced this in July, along with other upcoming features. Like the possibility of export clips directly to TikTokthus trying to offer streamers an easy way to share the best moments of their gaming sessions.

Also, Twitch is working on bringing the “stories” on its platform, an increasingly popular format in various social networks. Making the experience on the platform even more social.

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