Gamewarez Morph review: the gaming beanbag!

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In this review we will take a closer look at Gamewarez Morph: the pouf that turns into a beanbag, designed for gaming

Very many extravagant products come out. If we then consider the nerd world and, therefore, also the gaming one, we would realize how many special gadgets the market has to offer. The announcement of the pillow that allowed us to sleep inside a Pokémon does not go back too long. Among the various proposals, however, these products can often prove useful, as well as bizarre.

We thought about this when Gamewarez asked us to review them Morph: a beanbag designed for our gaming sessions, which can be folded back into a pouf. We are certainly not new to the world of gaming chairs and, precisely for this reason, we have seized the ball, trying to understand if that of the German company can prove to be a valid article. To find out, you just have to keep reading our review!

First Impressions – Gamewarez Morph Review

Let’s start with the packaging: a cardboard box. Yes, nothing else. The big pillow arrived in a flashy brown box that contained it. The product is really light and, therefore, it is unlikely that couriers will be able to destroy it. What is certain is that their capacity for devastation should never be underestimated. We do not deny that a double box, perhaps with the image of the product, would have been appreciated and would have guaranteed greater protection.

At first glance, it really surprised us with its size. His diameter (closed) measures approx 85cmfor about 42cm high. The large pouf is very light: we are talking about 3kg or a little more, which is why it can even be easily moved from one room to another, without any effort.

Materials and Aesthetics – Gamewarez Morph Review

Regarding the colors and materials, they are available five different models: three in eco-leather, while two in fabric. We tested the faux leather version, with the red zip. As you can see, the whole armchair is characterized by black, except (precisely) the large zip and the label with the company name.

The eco-leather that covers the product has two different patterns. The seat is characterized by a very elegant quiltingwhile the hips and the bottom are smooth. The quality of the imitation leather is high and this also transpires from the fact that it does not give off unpleasant “industrial” odors. Also, the feeling it gave us back was that it was quite tough and thick. The only caveat is that, given the “multiform” nature of the product, which is subject to various resizing, this fabric tends to keep the folds.

The zip that crosses half the diameter of this Morph is really pleasing to the eye and quite smooth. Once opened we can sit comfortably so that the beanbag adapts to our conformation. Initially concealed, the headphone port anchored with velcro. Certainly of higher utility, however, is the glove box placed on the right. This is initially divided into two parts by a velcro section which, if separated, will allow us to have a single larger pocket; this is very convenient for storing both remote controls, but also food or drinks! To close the seat, simply fold the backrest, helping the zip and closing it and not forcing it.

Convenience – Gamewarez Morph Review

As we have mentioned, this Gamewarez Morph can be used in several ways. If closed it can turn out to be a pouf or even a footrest (a bit cumbersome), when we open the zip and dive on it, the backrest will pop out. This happens because the spheres that fill the entire Morph will move from the central part, where we will sit, filling the back, as happens in classic beanbags.

The seat is really comfortable, shaping itself very well according to our body. Furthermore, being circular, we will not tend to lean from one side to the other and, in general, it is very stable. Clearly there are some clarifications to be made. First of all, the higher our weight, the more it will tend to lower and, consequently, it will be more difficult to get up. The position that we will have once seated will be forced with the center of gravity backwards and the back resting. This is great in moments of relaxation but clearly not meant for competitive video games.

This armchair is definitely recommended for single-player enthusiasts or for those looking for a comfortable alternative to the sofa to relax while watching a Netflix series. Its features, among other things, suggest precisely this use. The large pocket will easily hold a pack of chips, drinks or simply remotes and pads.

We also point out that the lower hinge will allow you to insert additional spheres in case, over time, the seat will go down. The refill kits can be purchased from the official website.

Let’s sum it up

Gamewarez Morph turned out to be a really good 3 in 1 for all those users looking for a session once to their quietest gaming sessions, but also to watching movies and TV series. The fact that it can be transformed into a pouf will allow you to reduce the size and use it as a footrest.

It is clear that it cannot be compared to a gaming or study chair precisely because the two products cover two different categories of use.

Gamewarez Morph can be purchased from the company’s official website at a price of €149,90 for the version in leatherette e €139,90 for that in tissue: slightly high prices, but justified by the build quality.

For chill sessions

Points in favor

  • Really comfortable
  • Possibility of using it in 3 different ways
  • Quality of materials
  • Very useful side pocket

Points against

  • Not meant for heavyweights
  • Not recommended for hardcore gamers
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