Gardevoir debuts in Pokémon Unite

Gardevoir debutta in Pokémon Unite thumbnail

A week after the debut on Nintendo Switch, the new one Pokémon Unite records the first news. The Pokémon-themed MOBA, in fact, expands with the addition to the roster of Gardevoir. The new Pokémon was announced via Twitter, from the game’s official account which also released a first video teaser of Gardevoir in action. This is the first update with new content coming to the game.

Pokémon Unite is updated with the debut of Gardevoir

Starting today, Gardevoir is available in Pokémon Unite. The new free to play title thus records the first free update that arrives just a week after the official launch on Nintendo Switch. Gardevoir is a Pokémon that favors ranged attack moves, such as Confusion and Psychic Attack.

His Unite move is Fairy Singularity. Note that Gardevoir is certainly not new to the game. The Pokémon, in fact, was already present in the beta of the title. The players who have tested the beta version of the game, therefore, have already had the opportunity to test the capabilities of Gardevoir.

The game also arrives on mobile devices

Pokémon Unite is available, in free to play version, for a few days on Nintendo Switch. Also note that the game will also be released on mobile devices starting next September. In the coming weeks, moreover, new contents will arrive that will enrich the game experience of the title. For more details you can follow the official site.