Gli Instagram Reels estesi fino a 1 minuto thumbnail

Instagram Reels extended up to 1 minute

Instagram Reels extended up to 1 minute thumbnail

The Instagram Reels now they can last up to 1 minute, well double the previous 30-second limit. Some time ago the platform introduced the new format with a limit of 15 seconds, and then doubled it within a month. And now, after almost a year, the App has decided to opt for a new update. After all, as already anticipated by Adam Mosseri some time ago, the idea is to transform the platform into something very similar to TikTok. And with this in mind, it is clear that the company is betting everything on video content.

Instagram Reels: extended the duration up to 1 minute

Until recently, TikTok limited video content to the duration of 60 seconds, and it is with this limit that the platform has literally exploded. In this sense, it is not surprising that Instagram has decided to extend the duration of the Reels to allow creators to have more “space” available. With the limit of 1 minute, in fact, TikTok users have had the opportunity to share content of all kinds, while maintaining the programming pace of the App. But the Chinese app has chosen to take it one step further, pushing the videos to a maximum of 3 minutes.

In this sense, Mosseri said he was very interested in following in the footsteps of TikTok. For the moment, therefore, the Instagram Reels will have the maximum duration of 1 minute, but it is not certain that this will not be extended to 3 minutes in the short term. And although this is the umpteenth novelty proposed by the platform, we still do not have any details from the company on how Reels is really doing in recent months. In January, Mosseri said: “We have to be honest that TikTok is ahead”. But it’s been months, and the fact that the Reels are starting to appear on TikTok can only be a good sign.

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