Garmin joins the Italian eSports Observatory

The American company Garmin enters the world of eSports by joining the Italian eSports Observatory

The American company Garmin, specialized in technologies related to GPS, adheres to the initiatives ofItalian eSports Observatory, the first platform B2B networking, information and training for sector stakeholders. The agreement is part of the company’s strategy to understand and position itself in the export market. Garmin’s goal is to launch into this industry and strengthen its knowledge of the industry.

Garmin enters the world of eSports with its GPS tools

Garmin had begun to enter the eSports world after last year’s launch of the GPS smartwatch called Instinct eSports Edition, designed for competitive gaming. The company aims to strengthen knowledge of the sector, taking advantage of the OIES networking formats. Garmin is a company operating in different sectors, including boating, aeronautics and for more than a decade has been a reference brand for sport, thanks to GPS devices designed specifically for sportsmen.

Garmin joins the Italian eSports Observatory

With the entry of an important company like Garmin, the Observatory increasingly consolidates its positioning as an entity capable of offering companies all the necessary answers for investments in the eSports and gaming market. Indeed, the Observatory network represents the main ecosystem available to brands that want to become part of the sector by expanding their business opportunities. The CEO of Garmin Italia Stefano Viganò he commented saying:

“For a company like ours, which has always been committed to supporting people’s passions, following the evolution of the sports world is important. Instinct Esport Edition is Garmin’s first step into this world, not so different from the traditional sport we’ve always followed. We have integrated all the optimized technology for analyzing the performance of top athletes into a product dedicated to the eGame: an incredible value for those who prepare for tournaments and competitions with dedication “.

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