Garmin Tread CES 2022 arrive the new GPS navigators for off-road

CES 2022: Garmin svela i nuovi navigatori Tread destinati all'off-road thumbnail

One year after the announcement of the Tread navigator range, Garmin has chosen the CES 2022 to present three new versions, greatly expanding the range of products in this series. is a navigator designed for off-roaders, multifunctional and that combines the characteristics of navigation in a single device for cars, motorcycles and 4 × 4s and campers.

The new navigators can be purchased in 8-inch (Tread) or 10-inch (Tread XL) screen versions. In addition, the 8-inch versions can be equipped with VHF connectivity, called Group Ride Tracking which allows you to always stay connected with other riders. Navigations with this function are called “SxS Edition” and without this function they are called “Overland Edition” models. So the new navigator family consists of

  • Garmin Tread – Overland Edition. 8-inch navigation.
  • Garmin Tread – SxS Edition. 8-inch navigation with Group Ride Tracking function
  • Garmin Tread XL – Overland Edition. 10-inch navigation.

It is worth adding that the equipped version Group Ride Tracking it is more expensive than 100 euros. Overland models can be expanded with this feature even after purchase, but the Group Ride Tracker add-on costs 299 euros. Last year’s Garmin Tread model which has a 5.5 inch screen and is equipped with Group Ride Tracking, however, is still for sale.

Garmin Tread, here are the news that bring the new models presented at CES 2022

The three Garmin Tread navigators showcased at CES 2022 come with City Navigator road maps (including lifetime updates) and terrain (topographic) maps. The maps cover Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Maps for North and South America, Australia and New Zealand are available for free download via Garmin Express. In addition, you can also download Garmin BirdsEye satellite imagery. The updates themselves can be done wirelessly over Wi-Fi.

The navigators are IPX7 waterproof and also designed to withstand shocks in accordance with the military standard MIL-STD-810. Both devices are equipped with a touchscreen designed foruse with gloves, and integrate the new system of navigazione turn-by-turn,

Thanks to the connection with a smartphone and the Tread application, the navigator can receive traffic reports, speed cameras and traffic light cameras. Garmin Tread warns of dangerous curves, areas where there are schools nearby and animal crossings.

The new navigators, in addition to the new larger screens, also acquired other interesting functions:

  • the integrated InReach satellite technology that allows you to stay in touch wherever you are thanks to two-way messaging, location sharing and distress call (requires subscription),
  • additional functions for those using the navigator on motorcycles, including Garmin Adventurous Routing, service history log and route altitude profile,
  • additional functions for campers: the ability to enter a vehicle profile and related services for campers,
  • internal memory increased from 32GB to 64GB,
  • 10Hz GPS receiver (+ additional GNSS),
  • support custom maps.

The new Garmin Tread XL Overland Edition, Tread Overland Edition and Tread SxS Edition devices are already available and have suggested prices between € 1,299.99 and € 1,499.99.