GARMIN: Tread, Powerswitch and BC 40 for off-road riding

GARMIN: Tread, Powerswitch and BC 40 for off-road riding

Three tools designed to make the experience of off-road driving safe and performing, to be able to live and share the passion for engines and off-road vehicles. Garmin today presents the new Tread navigator equipped with the Group Ride Tracker function to communicate with your travel companions, the Garmin PowerSwitch digital box and the BC 40 wireless camera

Garmin is even closer to the world of off-road driving. The company presented in fact three new products that will make the off-road experience even more performing and safe. ATVs and quads, but also motorcycles and enduros, the innovative Garmin proposals are aimed at those looking for a real discovery in the journey. Here, then, is the new navigator Tread with Group Ride Tracker function, the digital box Garmin PowerSwitch and the telecamera wireless BC 40, now with tubular bracket for a sturdy mounting on the frame of your vehicle.

GARMIN TREAD: share the right route

With a bright 5.5 “display, usable in any weather condition and even with gloves, Garmin Tread is characterized by its ability to track the position of all your travel companions in real time. In fact, it is often essential to have the ability to communicate even with those who are much further along the path; however not everyone has an intercom with a range of more than a few hundred meters. Garmin Tread uses a radio transmitter that works on VHF frequencies to send and receive messages, and through the innovative Group Ride Tracker function allows riders not to get lost in sight and to monitor and share the position in real time with up to 20 users up to 13 km away.

In the package it is present un comodo kit RAM-Mount for installation on a roll-bar and a “relocation kit” to improve performance in terms of transmission and reception. It will then be possible to view the positions of each on the map displayed on the screen, as well as send predefined messages to those who are “associated” with the system.

A rich map collection

Garmin Tread has City Navigator TopoActive Europe street maps 1: 100,000 preloaded and free, unlimited access to BirdsEye satellite imagery. To these are added maps of Africa (including the Tracks4Africa database) and the Middle East. Cartographs of North and South America, Australia and New Zealand are available for free download via Garmin Express. Thanks to the RoundTrip function, by indicating the desired travel hours, it is possible to calculate an itinerary of the requested duration. With the’TracBack option it will also be possible to travel backwards on the route just taken, while the Adventurous Routes mode provides the rider with indications of itineraries that are particularly fun for motorcyclists, such as scenic roads or roads full of curves and slopes. If you are driving a four-wheeled vehicle, such as a quad, the practical clinometer allows you to monitor the stability of the vehicle. The acoustic warnings, configurable, help to keep the rider away from unpleasant situations. Altimeter, barometer and compass are additional tools to support off-road activity.

Tread pays great attention to user safety. For example, it warns you of approaching situations to which you should pay particular attention such as tight corners, schools, level crossings and speed cameras. Includes a Bluetooth hands-free module which allows you to make and receive calls while driving, make calls to points of interest and receive navigation directions. It also allows you to view the notifications of your smartphone without distractions and, during long journeys, suggests when to take a break, indicating the rest areas. When paired with one of Garmin’s inReach series satellite communicators, Tread allows you to always be traceable, wherever in the world you decide to go. Through the connection with inReach it will in fact be possible to stay in contact with loved ones, providing them with an indication of their movements in real time and, in case of emergency, activate the distress call through the global Iridium network and the GEOS international station, active 24 hours a day. Finally, thanks to the Tread app, users can easily import and export GPX files, access the weather in real time, smartphone notifications and synchronize travel data on all their devices.

GARMIN POWERSWITCH: customize your adventure

Garmin PowerSwitch is Garmin’s new digital box that allows you to control wirelessly, from a convenient customizable app on your smartphone or from a compatible Garmin navigator, up to 6 users at 12volt (maximum 30A each) installed on your vehicle (lights, horns, ventilation and much more). Extremely easy to install, it eliminates the hassle of drilling holes in the dashboard to place physical switches, while ensuring high protection against interference with on-board electronics.
When paired with a Garmin navigation device, it allows the setting of automatic interventions in some specific conditions, such as activating / deactivating a switch at sunrise / sunset or a specific time of day, or activating a utility if the vehicle exceeds a specific speed. You can also manage everything via your smartphone thanks to theapp PowerSwitch, available for free for iOS and Android platforms.

GARMIN BC 40: an ever watchful eye

Dedicated to off-roading, the new BC 40 wireless camera with tubular bracket is the perfect solution for installation on ATV and quad frames. Thanks to BC 40 it is possible drive without losing sight of what is happening around your vehicle. Waterproof and powered by two AA batteries, rechargeable via power supply and with an autonomy of up to 3 months, it can of course be associated with the new Garmin Tread and display images taken up to a maximum distance of 13 meters on its screen.


The new Garmin Tread navigator is available in the best outlets at a recommended retail price of 699,99 Euro. Garmin PowerSwitch instead has a price of 499,99 Euro, while the BC 40 wireless camera with tubular bracket will be priced at 149,99 Euro. For more details see the official Garmin website. That’s all from the electronic section, keep following us!

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