GeForce Now dresses like Santa: 1,400+ games streamed

GeForce Now si veste da Babbo Natale: oltre 1.400 giochi in streaming thumbnail

Ready for a video game Christmas? GeForce NOW is preparing to party with its streaming games, thanks to its vast catalog that now has over 1,400 titles. A collection that becomes more extensive every week, including news and additions.

In view of the arrival of Santa Claus, GFN offers a perfect gift for fans: a digital gift card with RTX 3080 priority access. This guarantees priority access to the server, extended game sessions and RTX ON technology for an unprecedented gameplay.

The service also recently introduced synchronization with Ubisoft Connect accounts. This will give Ubisoft+ subscribers a free month of GeForce NOW Priority. To redeem it, we refer you to the dedicated site.

December 2022 games on GeForce Now

Already as of yesterday (Thursday December 22), GeForce Now has added to its catalog Dino City e MONOPOLY Madness. The first will allow players to explore Jurassic roads, while the second represents a video game version of the timeless board game. Plus, this week, it’s also coming Let’s goavailable on STEAM.

These three new titles add to the other new titles already announced for December last week:

  • Master of Magic (new launch on Steam)
  • Roller Champions (new launch on Steam)
  • Wavetale (new launch on Steam)
  • Cosmoteer: Starship Architect & Commander (Steam)
  • Floodland (Steam)
  • Marvel’s Midnight Suns (Epic Games Store)

Regarding Roller Champions, we report an excerpt from our review:

“It’s almost a shame that Roller Champions is a sport that exists only in the gaming universe. In real life it would have its own why. Could this be the launch of a new and electrifying eSports competition? The arduous sentence to the skaters”.

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