God of War Ragnarok: The New Game Plus is coming in 2023

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From “yesterday was zero, now he’s a warrior” to the exact opposite: New Game Plus is also coming to God of War Ragnarok, in early 2023

It came natural to us to quote Hercules for the mythical proportions of God of War Ragnarokthinking of anyone with enough verve to face it all over again to start the 2023: the bad news is that we wouldn’t use the verb “to start”, but the good news is that the New Game Plus is coming. Since the director of the game has denied the possibility of seeing the inclusion of DLC in the game, the guys at Santa Monica Studios have come up with a whole new way to give a little more Kratos to the players. We’ll just have to wait (ironically, given the Norse setting) for the thaw before starting again from not-quite-zero.

When 2023 is 2022 New Game Plus (hopefully not): God of War Ragnarok… doubles!

Well yes: as you can see from the tweet below, the New Game Plus is about to arrive in God of War Ragnarok, but it won’t before the primavera 2023. It will be then that we can expect the much-needed update. In case some of you are not familiar with this gaming concept that has become a standard over the last few years, it consists of a prize for those who have a full save. As the name suggests, it is a way in which restart the game bringing with you all the upgrades to skills, weapons, loot and attacks. We have delayed too long. We leave you to the post.

In the tweet the developers conclude: “We will give you more details once the release date approaches!” And, in fact, the same happened with the predecessor four (almost five) years ago. Even the God of War of 2018 in fact added the same “new game plus” with a free update several months after day one. This update included new customization options, armor, attack patterns for enemies in battle and much more. Whether we can expect “much more” from one of the candidates for the game of the year 2022, then, will remain to be seen. Merry Christmas Eve to all Sony fans listening!

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