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GeForce NOW: here are all the games coming in September

This GFN Thursday has arrived just in time for you to start September on the right foot thanks to the new titles coming to GeForce NOW: 16 new games available from day one are on the way. The list includes highly anticipated games, including Kena: Bridge of Spirits, Life is Strange: True Colors, Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, Sable e WRC 10 FIA World Rally Championship.

GeForce NOW: here are the games of September

In total, 34 games are expected to join the GFN library during the month. And 13 of them join already this week, including the adventure game, Song of Iron, the aforementioned Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteouse WRC 10 FIA World Rally Championship.

Below is the full list of games joining the GeForce NOW library this week:

GeForce NOW games September

The rest of September is full of new releases on day1, as follows:

  • Bus Simulator 21 (Steam launch, September 7)
  • Dice Legacy (Steam launch September 9)
  • Life is Strange: True Colors (Steam launch September 10)
  • Honey, I Joined a Cult (Steam launch September 14)
  • Aragami 2 (Steam launch September 17)
  • Kena: Bridge of Spirits (Launch on Epic Games Store, September 21)
  • Sable (Launch on Steam and Epic Games Store, September 23)
  • Encased: A Sci-Fi Post-Apocalyptic RPG (Steam launch September 26)
  • Lemnis Gate (Steam launch September 28)
  • Hot Wheels Unleashed (Launch on Steam and Epic Games Store, September 30th)
  • Rogue Lords (Launching on Steam, September 30th and coming to the Epic Games Store)
  • AWAY: The Survival Series (Steam launch September 28)
  • American Fugitive (Steam)
  • Aragami (Steam)
  • Darwin Project (Steam)
  • Infinifactory (Steam)
  • Miscreated (Steam)
  • POSTAL Redux (Steam)
  • Professional Fishing (Steam)
  • Rustler (Steam)
  • Verdun (Steam and Epic Games Store)
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