Dacia Jogger, the new family offers space, versatility and robustness

Dacia Jogger, la familiare della Casa romena è arrivata: essenziale, versatile e spaziosissima thumbnail

Can we still be surprised about a new model in 2021? Dacia has succeeded, presenting its new, brand new family model that is spacious, versatile and unconventional. Dacia Jogger it is in fact the largest and most versatile model in the history of the House. Sport one modern style, which combines the peculiarities of so many different types of cars, is based on Sandero’s CMF-B platform and offers technology, modern engines and a lot of versatility. And in 2023 it will also be there first Dacia hybrid. Curious? Let’s start right away, because there are so many things to tell.

The aesthetics of Dacia Jogger: here is the first SUV-Wagon-Multispace. Modern and with a robust look

The first surprise that Dacia Jogger reserves for us comes from his own aesthetics. In fact, in 2021 Dacia Jogger chooses to show off an aesthetic that I would really define Crossover, in the most literal sense of the word. In fact, if the classic “crossovers” are actually SUVs, here is Jogger really it combines two totally different genres. Indeed, it unites three of them.

The new Dacia is indeed a well thought out mix that combines the length of a station wagon, the high roof of a minivan with the height from the ground and the protections of an SUV. The front it is perhaps the most modern and successful part. The grille is typically Dacia, with the subtle, dynamic cut of the headlights also available Full LED, with a Y-shaped luminous signature, a long, rounded bonnet and a grille very similar to that appreciated on Sandero, muscular and massive. We also find some elements derived from Duster, such as the plastic wheel arches, the underbody protectors and the silver bumper and the generously sized rims.

Sideways, Dacia Jogger shows all its inspirations. The height from the ground is 20 cm, even higher than that of some “declared” SUVs, while the wheelbase of 2.9 meters shouts “Station wagon“. The huge windows, the high roof and the roof bars instead recall the world of multispaces, as well as the rear windows with compass opening. Of this, however, we will speak well later.

I really like the very pronounced hips rear wheel arches, which emphasize the width of the car and give a much more massive and reassuring look to the car. A massive style that we also find in coda, where the high and vertical tailgate recalls the multi-space, the small spoiler rear recalls the world of wagons and underbody protections those of SUVs. Very beautiful then i headlights with horizontal development, unpublished in the Dacia range. The lines of the rear, however, remind me very closely those of the first series of Volvo XC90, one of the most popular large SUVs of the ’00s. A nice business card then!

Dacia Jogger therefore manages to combine the aesthetics of an SUV, a Wagon and a multi-space in a single large vehicle in a surprisingly refined, successful and pleasant way.. Jogger is particular, fun and muscular, sports an aesthetic that is perfectly suited to a car for family and leisure. And the size makes it a serious candidate for the first family car. We are in fact facing thelargest car ever produced by Dacia. The length reaches in fact i 4.55 meters, 21 cm more than Duster, while the step as mentioned reaches 2.9 meters and the width reaches 1.78 m. The height? Very generous, 1.63 meters.

The interior of the Dacia Jogger: dashboard by Sandero, and plenty of space. Even for seven

If from the outside Dacia Jogger winks at SUVs and Station wagons, the interior sports a space similar only to the dear, old multispaces. Thanks to the really generous step, in fact, in the 2021 list, Dacia Jogger is the car with the best roominess in its size range.

Right at the front we discover, if we hadn’t noticed it yet, how much Dacia Jogger shares with the new one Sandero. The dashboard is in fact the same as the small compact, and the space is the same too. We therefore have a modern environment, made with rigid but carefully assembled materials and equipped with solutions, such as the central part of the dashboard covered in fabric, which greatly enhances the feeling of quality. Excellent space availability, driving position and on-board technology, on which we will do a little focus shortly.

But if the Dacia Jogger in front is very similar to Sandero, from the second row of seats everything changes. The space for legs, head and shoulders of the second row is excellent, with a seat placed at the same height as the front passengers. The trunk, then, is really huge, with 708 liters available for loading. But that’s not all: thanks to the generous step and the height of the roof, Dacia Jogger is in 2021 one of the few low-priced cars to offer 7 seats. And what 7 places: thanks to a” height flush with the roof of 855 mm and a satisfying 127mm knee room is one of the most spacious 7-seater cars on the market, in any price range. Then there are the windows for the third row with compasses, to allow efficient air exchange even behind.

This allows you to offer one satisfactory space even for two adults, not just for children. Of course, with the third row seats in place, the luggage space drops to 160 liters. However, the standard presence of the modular roof bars, capable of supporting up to 80 kg of weight. Finally, inside, there is also a 12 V socket in the trunk, several anchoring points for bags or fastening systems, and well 24 liter capacity scattered around the different rooms glove box present in the passenger compartment.

Dacia Jogger technology: infotainment up to 8 inches, connectivity and ADAS

Being the largest Dacia in the 2021 list, Dacia Jogger is also the most technological, offering modern and up-to-date security technologies and systems. All this, however, without forgetting the essential and versatile nature of the Romanian company, which is paying a lot throughout Europe. There are therefore no huge screens, digital instrument clusters or autonomous driving: here there is only the essential, plus a few goodies for safety.

The instrument panel behind the wheel (still with the old four-spoke design) is indeed still analog, with an essential and easy to read 3.5-inch multifunction central screen. Then there are the physical climate controls (the same as Sandero and Renault Clio, so to speak) and we have three possibilities for entertainment. The basic versions sport the Media Control, that is a support to house your Smartphone that becomes the interface between driver and car for navigation, music and more.

In the more equipped versions, however, you have access to Media Display and al Media Nav. Both equipped with 8-inch screen, they offer as standard Android Auto ed Apple CarPlay, which on the Media Nav is even wireless. There are also several FENNEL, as the Cruise Control (non-adaptive), automatic headlights, high beams and wipers, automatic emergency braking, hill start assistance, parking sensors with rear view camera and blind spot sensor. If desired, then, it is also possible to have some gems such as heated front seats, Keyless access and ignition and the electric handbrake.

The mechanics of Dacia Jogger: in 2021, only petrol and LPG engines. But in 2023 the hybrid arrives

We close our examination of the new Dacia Jogger by talking about the mechanics. Although the dimensions are really generous, the Romanian family member is based on the modular CMF-B platform of the Renault group. This is the most compact version of the Renault mechanical bases, shared with Renault Clio, Captur, with the larger Arkana and with the Dacia Sandero.

The rear, of course, has been adapted to a length of 4.55 meters, the longest of the CMF-B base cars. The use of this modern platform, however, allows the presence of aexcellent active safety equipment, and modern passive safety which goes through an excellent resistance of the frame to impacts and 6 standard airbags. For the more technical, it is suspension scheme is the same as Sandero: McPherson at the front and torsion beam at the rear.

E i engines? Dacia Jogger is presented in 2021 with a engine only, available in petrol-only or dual-fuel petrol-LPG version. It is in fact the well-known and appreciated 1.0 TCe three-cylinder turbofan that we have already tried on Sandero too. Version a LPG is identical to those seen on Sandero and Duster: the 1.0 ECO-G in fact it delivers 100 CV e 170 Nm, and is coupled to a 6-speed manual gearbox. The real range is over 1000 km thanks to the presence of a 40-liter petrol tank and a real 50-liter LPG tank, perfect for those who travel many km.

The novelty, on the other hand, is represented by the new TCe 110, the most powerful version of this engine in the Renault-Dacia galaxy. In 2021, in fact, it is Dacia Jogger to have this record: the 1.0 petrol engine delivers 110 hp and 200 Nm of torque. It therefore arises as the more powerful than the Jogger range, and will be available with 6-speed manual gearbox Or, eat your Sandero, with a CVT automatic transmission.

But these will not be the only engines available for the Dacia Jogger. If in 2021 Dacia said goodbye to diesel engines, in two years, Jogger will be the first Dacia equipped with a hybrid engine. The primacy will be achieved by using the system E-TECH Full Hybrid at Renault that we know well. In 2023 the hybrid will arrive on Jogger, equipped with a 1.6 aspirated petrol engine, two electric motors and a MultiMode gearbox without clutches and synchronizers. With its 140 hp, it will be the most powerful powertrain in the Jogger range. In addition, the E-TECH system is a smooth, efficient and pleasant to drive hybrid. If you want to know more, click here to find the Renault Clio Hybrid test, where we went into the details of this system.

When will the Dacia Jogger arrive on the market? Orders start from 2021, deliveries from 2022

So we just have to discover the price and the availability by Dacia Jogger. Having been presented internationally just today in view of the IAA in Munich, we do not have precise details on prices for the Italian market. The forecasts, however, speak of a aggressive list, typically Dacia. The attack version, equipped with the 110 bhp 1.0 and basic Access set-up, should in fact, starting from just 15,000 euros. A very competitive price for a modern, safe and extremely spacious car.

The car you see in the images, on the other hand, will be the launch version “Extreme“. Available in 5 colors, including the color of …

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