GeForce NOW: In total over 1,400 games on the platform

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GeForce NOW: Isonzo, LEGO Brawls and support for the new Jurassic World Evolution 2 DLC are coming, for a total of over 1,400 games on the NVIDIA Cloud Streaming platform

Con GeForce NOW, this week the news will be many thanks to numerous games who join the library that matters at the moment beyond 1,400 titles. Whether it’s streaming on a Very old PC, a Mac (which normally could not play PC titles) or what you talk about mobile devicesnow you can play on any platform thanks to Cloud streaming.

With such a large number of titles available, there really is everything gamers prefer, with different modes of streaming: GeForce NOW members streaming on TV Samsung and LG, they can now quickly discover and easily play the best games thanks to an improved user interface.

These updates add to a number of recent improvements over the summer, including the option for members with a subscription RTX 3080, to stream up to 1440p e 120 FPS su browser PC to Mac of phones Android a 120Hz. In addition, the latest update includes theaudio surround for members Priority and with subscription 3080: it’s always a great time to be a member of GeForce NOW!

Switching to an RTX 3080 subscription also means you can experience the ray-tracing in real time in cinematic games such as Dying Light 2, Loopmancer e Cyberpunk 2077 (which rolled out a new 1.6 update this week), as well as streaming to PC and Mac with resolution 4K and ultra-low latency.

GeForce NOW: In total over 1,400 games on the platform

Get in the game right away

Con GFN now you can test your tactical skills with Isonzothe new first person shooter set in the First World War. Battle between the scenic peaks, rugged valleys and idyllic towns of northern Italy. Choose from several historical battle locations and build equipment designed to defeat enemies. Shape a dynamic battlefield and line up in the trenches to lead your army to victory.

Check out the full list of new games streaming this week:

  • Isonzo (New release on Steam and Epic Games Store)
  • Little Orpheus (New release on Steam and Epic Games Store)
  • Q.U.B.E. 10th Anniversary (New release on Steam)
  • Metal: Hellsinger (New release on Steam)
  • Animal Shelter (Steam)
  • Spirit of the North (Epic Games Store)
  • Startup Company ( Steam)

And with the support of the DLC Jurassic World Evolution 2: Late Cretaceous Pack, GFN users will be able to discover new amazing prehistoric species! Inspired by the fascinating Late Cretaceous period, this game features four captivating species that date back over 65 million years.

GeForce NOW: In total over 1,400 games on the platform

September GFN: lots of games for a fun-filled return from vacation

on the occasion of the month of September, NVIDIA unveils an incredible list of games coming to the platform. This is a very exciting time for GeForce NOW members, especially with 22 new titles on the way on the cloud, including Steelrising e LEGO Brawls.

In addition, theGeForce NOW 2.0.44 update, brings new audio modes that deliver surround sound for Priority and RTX 3080 members on PC and Mac, due out in the coming weeks.

GeForce NOW: In total over 1,400 games on the platform

Discover the new titles

In addition to this week’s titles, below is the full list of new games available for streaming this month:

  • Call of the Wild: The Angler (Steam ed Epic Games Store)
  • F1 Manager 2022 (Steam ed Epic Games Store)
  • Scathe (Steam)
  • Gerda: A Flame in Winter (Steam)
  • MythBusters: The Game – Crazy Experiments Simulator (Steam)
  • LEGO Brawls (Steam)
  • Arcade Paradise (Epic Games Store)
  • Dark Deity (Epic Games Store)
  • Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number (Steam)
  • Lumencraft (Steam)
  • Gloomwood (Steam)
  • TRAIL OUT (Steam)
  • Shatterline (Steam)
  • Steelrising (Steam ed Epic Games Store)
  • Broken Pieces (Steam)
  • Realm Royale Reforged (Epic Games Store)

What do you think of these new arrivals in Nvidia’s Cloud Streaming GeForce NOW platform? Let us know below in the comments. Don’t forget to follow us on our Instagram page, on all our other social networks and to stay connected on

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