GeIL presents the first DDR5 EVO V RAM with active heatsink

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GeIL has presented a new DDR5 kit with active dissipation system, they are called EVO V and is equipped with a double fan to give the maximum

The design certainly does not go unnoticed, they are the new ones EVO V, and kit DDR5 produced by the leader GeIL, peculiarity of the new modules is precisely in the heat dissipation system, in this case active. In fact, there are two fans, indeed, two micro-fanswhich together with the aluminum heatspreader take care of maintaining a constant dissipation and guaranteeing optimal temperatures both in game and in overclocking.

Gamers and computer enthusiasts expected more and more from GeIL to improve their gaming experience, which we have always satisfied the most demanding and overclockers, and our answer is the EVO V DDR5 RGB Hardcore Gaming memory. The EVO Vs have set a new standard in thermal protection design, as we have created an active “FANtastic” dual fan cooling system to keep the EVO V within an ideal thermal range. RGB lighting and fans are part of a one-piece heat diffusion design that improves overclocking performance and creates an eye-catching system

The words of Jennifer Huangvice president of GeIL Memory. But now, let’s see all the details about this particular product.

GeIL presents the first DDR5 EVO V RAM with active heatsink

GeIL presents the first DDR5 ‘EVO V’ RAM with active heatsink

According to the data published by GeIL, this new system should guarantee temperatures up to 45% lower compared to traditional RAM modules with passive heatsink. Two colors available, Glacial White e Titanium Greywith speeds ranging from 4800 a 6600 MHz, based on the chosen profile and model, and with voltages between 1.1 and 1.35 V. There are currently only two memory cuts, 32 and 64 GB. The new kits will be available starting in July, we currently have no info on price availability and precise dates.

GeIL presents the first DDR5 EVO V RAM with active heatsink

The new Kit is equipped with a chip PMIC (Power Management Integrated Circuit), which can provide maximum threshold protection, synchronized voltage monitoring, intelligent voltage control and power management to achieve more complete voltage control under normal and overclocking conditions. Furthermore, the function ECC on-chip enables active error correction to improve data integrity and increase memory performance and stability. GeIL EVO V supports the most recent profili Intel XMP 3.0 for the precision and stability of automatic overclocking.

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