“General amnesty” on Twitter, Musk removes all bans

Elon Musk, tra pubblicità ad alto rischio e licenziamenti su Twitter. Il risultato di un uomo solo al comando thumbnail

The CEO of Twitter Elon Musk announced a “general amnesty” for all social media accounts that had suffered a ban. A cancellation of the decisions of the moderators made before the billionaire bought the social network. The decision comes after a poll Musk held on his profile Twitter staff.

Musk removes bans, “general amnesty” on Twitter

Two days ago Elon Musk has tweeted a poll: “Twitter should offer un general amnesty for suspended accounts, as long as they haven’t broken the law or committed excessive spam?”. She tweeted it from her personal account, not her official Twitter account. But now it becomes difficult to understand if there is any difference.

With over three million votes (just over 1% of the platform’s users), yes got 72.4%. To which Musk tweeted: “People have spoken. The amnesty starts next week. Voice of the people, voice of God”.

It is currently unclear which accounts will return to the platform. The distinction between who committed crimes and who spammed doesn’t seem like a clear cut line say with certainty who will be excluded.

This week, Musk readmitted former President Trump to the platform, banned after the assault of his supporters on the US Capitol on January 6, 2021. And under the poll you can read comments mainly from people aligned with the former President.

But Musk recently commented that he has no plans to readmit the Trump supporter and radio host Alex Jonesrecently convicted of fueling a conspiracy theory that denied the Sandy Hook school shooting (will have to pay the parents of the victims $473 million).

For details we will have to wait for next week. But it seems unlikely that this announcement will convince brands to return to investing in social media. The impact of this choice, as well as social, could also be economic and backfire on Musk. We will keep you posted.

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