The best indie games of November

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With increasingly cold temperatures, finding a moment to warm up in the company of your favorite games is ideal. As you’ve known for some time now, the news for your gaming collections is always around the corner, and indie studios never stop. After our advice that you found in the last special of best indies of october, now it’s time to discover the best indie games of the month of November! Stay with us to take a close look at the novelties proposed by the independent videogame studios in November, ready for you also in this penultimate month of 2022.

5 Indie Video Games of November

  • Rutger Van Dijk–Oakenfold
  • Holy Reason – Saturnalia
  • Chillin’ Wolf – NecroBoy : Path to Evilship
  • SNK CORPORATION – NeoGeo Pocket Color Selection Vol. 2
  • SmokeStab – Orbital Bullet
  • 1. Rutger van Dijk – Oakenfold

    Let’s start our selection of indie games for the month of November with a new title recently released: Oakenfold, progetto by Rutger Van Dijk and published by Studio Taghua. The story, not unlike many others, presents the Earth as a dangerous place where Humanity is forced to abandon this planet… Let’s see together what happened this time in the title we tried in the Steam version.

    The story begins in the future, where the greed of the human race drives them to create gigantic extractors mines to raid and exploit without any control one of the most secret treasures on Earth. It’s about the Dilithium, a resource with great energy potential that seems to be the solution to all the problems of modern civilization. However, the planet suffers strong imbalances and thus awakens from its torpor, exterminating humanity with hordes of Biocides, wild and brutal creatures that destroy all nations.

    Many years after the global attack of these monsters, the last remaining humans have taken refuge in Oakenfold, the only settlement created and protected by a biological dome capable of withstanding the onslaught of Biocides. Here we know Ashaa young girl who must complete a mission of crucial importance: her father’s last wish, which is to reach Oakenfold with the last crates of Dilithium to upgrade the settlement’s space systems.


    Developer: Rutger van Dijk

    18,49 €

    The gameplay that accompanies us on this journey to the wild and brutal terrestrial world presents us dozens of randomly generated zones, full of hordes of enemies intent on killing us and simultaneously destroying the precious shipment of Dilithium crates. The strategic clashes will not be few, we must therefore carefully plan each move using various types of special skills, which will reflect one of the states of mental growth of our heroine. There’s no shortage of deadly end-of-zone bosses as we play through the main campaign through one of three difficulty levels.

    We will also be able to test ourselves in Weekly Escape challenges, in which to beat the scores of players from around the world to climb the online leaderboard. An excellent title therefore, accompanied by interesting and well thought out graphics, free of particular problems and with a good chromatic variety. A truly optimal overall situation that convinced us, hoping it will be able to arouse the same effect in you!

    2. Holy Reason – Saturnalia

    Now let’s move on to a Italian horror puzzle game, indeed Sardinian, to be exact. Once again, our motherland becomes the protagonist, between cults and mythology, with Saturnalia, the new project by Santa Ragione, which we had reviewed for you and which we propose again among the most interesting indies of November. Let’s briefly summarize how our test seemed to us Epic Games in our selection of indie games for November!

    Il December 21, 1989 in the village of Gravoi, we relive an event linked to the Saturnalia, festivals that lasted about seven days and which also brought about the temporary overthrow of social hierarchies. The arrival of winter and the god Saturn were celebrated, but the feast of Santa Lucia is taking place here, with a parade similar to the Barbagia carnival. Here the various narrative strands begin to intersect, four different stories all linked by difficulties with their origins. And during the evening of the party, strange presences and sinister events occur. To survive, all that remains is to flee, or remain stoically and try to put an end to an ancient ritual.

    There is also no shortage of mysteries that surround the inhabitants of this place, thanks to which we can have an experience survival horror investigativa in third person. The main missions to be carried out are the solving puzzles and puzzles, as well as avoiding being killed by the presences that populate it. The gameplay structure of Saturnalia presents us with a sandbox adventure, where we can choose which characters to lead and which missions to complete. We are faced with a free game structure, without subordination constraints.

    Finally, we were also struck by the graphic sector, decidedly peculiar and characteristic. From the application of cross-hatching in 3D graphics, which makes the game look like a comic book, to strong colors and splashes of purple color that join black and white, there is also darkness, a necessary element in a horror. The various historical citations and self-quotations dedicated to previous titles developed make Saturnalia a game that deserves to be part of your virtual library.

    3. Chillin’ Wolf – NecroBoy: Path to Evilship

    Our selection continues with a really interesting puzzle, which came out a few weeks ago and which we tried on Steam. Let’s talk about NecroBoy: Path to Evilship, a story dedicated to the disturbing and funny tale of Necroboy. Let’s see in detail what it is!

    Necroboy is a reclusive and megalomaniac, but not too bright and quite dramatic necromancer who seeks to gain the powers of the infamous NecroMan and use them to rule over those who have ignored and shunned him since birth. To obtain these epochal powers, players must guide NecroBoy to enter the tomb of the deceased NecroMan, where we will be able to summon the souls of the deceased to transform them into servants of NecroBoy.

    The game therefore allows us to order our henchmen to perform various actions, and several gimmicks for solve all the puzzles of each level and move on to the next one. The controls are simple to learn, both from the controller and from the keyboard, thanks to which we will be able to guide our minions through areas inaccessible to NecroBoy. Some items even require more than one minion to activate, and cooperation and coordination will be key to solving the various puzzles.

    NecroBoy : Path to Evilship

    NecroBoy : Path to Evilship

    Chillin’ Wolf

    16,79 €

    An effective title, but not entirely in our opinion. The challenges are not that impossible to face and getting stuck is almost never possible. THE levels are quite low in complexity and longevity, so as to make this indie rather pleasant and light, even for those with little time. There’s no shortage of bosses here either, but nothing serious after all. This is perhaps paradoxically the problem with NecroBoy, the difficulty is really small. But in any case it remains a comic-style game with colorful and well-maintained graphics that have 360-degree simplicity on its side.

    4. SNK CORPORATION – NeoGeo Pocket Color Selection Vol. 2

    Another title chosen for this month of November is a new release that has us quite excited. There NeoGeo Pocket Color Selection Vol.2 is the second collection of titles originally released on Nintendo and now returning to the delight of all nostalgic for retro JRPGs and more. What struck us the most during our test on Nintendo Switch?

    After volume 1 of the same selection, with several iconic fighting games, this chapter now arrives with even niche titles. THE games contained are 10, some never before available for the western market, such as Mega Man Battle & Fighters or and King of Fighters: Battle de Paradise. Definitely an interesting recovery operation, but not all titles manage to do justice to the consoledemonstrating the signs of the past time.

    ss da06742a1bc39bb163fe24b9dd1d3d1288245284.1920x1080

    Ganbare Neo Poke-kun for example was an experimental title, which combined the concept of Tamagotchi with minigames, and it can also be interesting, but the situation of sports games is different. Among them, it deserves to be mentioned Pocket Tennis Color, still easy to approach today, after more than 20 years. A collection of old titles, which rides the wave of popularity and which serve to restore prestige to the old glories, with old-fashioned features and original digitized manuals and boxes. The beauty of these operations lies in the details, and little else.



    SNK CORPORATION, Code Mystics

    39,99 €

    A retrogaming recovery therefore that gives joy with 10 titles at once. Not all games have withstood the passage of time, both in terms of the technical sector and in their involvement, but retro enthusiasts will be able to fully enjoy this collection!

    5. SmokeStab – Orbital Bullet

    We finish our selection of indie video games for this month of November with Orbital Bullet, and action platformer with rogue-lite elements. Also recently released on Nintendo Switch and…

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