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Generali and Telepass for smart mobility: Next is born

Generali Italy strengthens the partnership with Telepass for the connected and sustainable mobility: the device is born today Next. After the birth of the agreement between the two companies in 2020 and the launch in 2021 of the automatic delay reimbursement system and motorway collision coverage, a new important chapter for connected mobility.

Generali Italia and Telepass launch Next

From electronic tolls to fuel payments and parking with voice. From coaching in real time to automatic assistance in the event of an emergency. There are over 30 digital services and just one device. But through IoT, big data, artificial intelligence and robotic technologies, the new Next can do all this and more.

The one announced by Telepass and Generali (and patented) is lfirst solution in the world which combines insurance, telematics, electronic tolls. In fact, Next is the first new generation device that inserts motorists into a connected ecosystem, integrated on board, capable of anticipating and supporting people’s needs and combining the best of insurance and mobility services. All in one product.

The best of both companies

Le Generali Jeniot technologies allow you to limit the risk on the road with real time coaching. But in the event of an accident he contacts you or asks for a hands-free contact with an operator, if you need it. It also allows you to obtain the certification of the state of use and distances of your car. And it is also useful as a support in the event of fines or disputes. Then there is the ‘find vehicle’ service and activate a ‘geo-fence’.

Next also skills services offered on the move by Telepass. You can pay highway tolls and parking, road tax and activate memo notification, refueling. And then automatically receive a refund in the event of a delay on the motorway. But also simple and smart actions such as opening the house gate, activating the Skipass or washing your car with Wash Out.

Safer driving: one in three customers drive better with real time coaching and you can extend car coverage to five relatives. It also reduces the environmental impact, saving up to 50% by improving driving style.

from left: Bardelli, Benedetto and Monacelli

Francesco Bardelli, CEO of Generali Jeniot & Chief Business Transformation Officer of Generali Italia, e Massimo MonacelliChief Property & Casualty Officer di Generali Italy, they are thrilled with the deal. “In 5 years at Generali we have innovated mobility insurance: for the first time, by ensuring the movement of the person, not just the car. […] In fact, with Next, the first device that combines insurance, telematics and electronic toll collection is born. A unique international solution with which we aim to reach 1 million Telepass customers by 2022 “.

Gabriele BenedettoChief Executive Officer del Gruppo Telepassdeclared: “The Next device, presented today, is the third initiative among those envisaged by the partnership signed with Generali and, also this, as well as the application of cashback on the toll on the motorway with automatic reimbursement and motorway collision coverage, is focuses on the technological innovation that has guided us since our birth “.

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