Genshin Impact: Gameplay of the game released on PS5

Genshin Impact is also preparing to land on next gen with an enhanced version: in view of its release, miHoYo has released a gameplay video to show how the game runs on PS5

The developers of miHoYo continue to constantly update their popular free-to-play open world. Given its success (over $ 1 billion in revenue at the end of March 2021), they certainly couldn’t do otherwise. The game is currently available for PC, mobile and PS4, but versions for Nintendo Switch and for PS5. Speaking of this latest version, in view of its very close release, a video gameplay of Genshin Impact recorded by PS5, thanks to which we can observe all its upgrades. Let’s see together what it is.

News and upgrades visible in the gameplay of Genshin Impact for PS5

This new version for PS5, as we already knew, will be released a week from now, on April 28th. Furthermore, on the PlayStation Blog site we can find the statements of the developers, of which we report the introduction below:

PlayStation 5 hardware provides an ideal platform for the Genshin Impact experience, making Teyvat’s world even more detailed, vivid and immersive. That’s why we wanted to offer gamers the PlayStation 5 version as soon as possible. At the same time, we worked to develop various functions in order to be able to fully use this next-gen console in the long run: we created a graphics library completely from scratch and we built a custom file upload system to take advantage of the PlayStation 5’s powerful SSD .

In essence, in addition to the gameplay of Genshin Impact for PS5, the updates are: improved graphic detail, increased render distance, native 4K resolution, HDR support, load time optimization thanks to SSD, along with an exclusive version of the resort Qingyun Peak, visible only to PS5 players. The video, as you can see, was published on the PlayStation channel; Going instead to the miHoYo Youtube channel, you will find another video in which the technical director, Zhengzhong Yi, talks in detail about the PS5 version.

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