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Geomag Glow: the spooky version arrives for Halloween!

Geomag has officially revealed the new Geomag Glow magnets that glow in the dark!

Every year, in the fall, we go in search of the most extravagant Halloween decorations, and then throw them away in November. But this year, why not invest in something that will brighten up your Halloween party, but that will continue to be fun once the holiday is over? We are talking about the sets Geomag Glow.

Suitable for all ages (from 3 years old) the Geomag Glow sets are not only an excellent decoration for your Halloween party, but also an important opportunity to learn more about the world of physics and magnetism.

Geomag Glow: the spooky version arrives for Halloween!

The Glow set consists of three sets of magnetic bars that glow in the dark. These rods can be arranged in any shape or structure that enlightens the imagination. Thanks to their design, you can place your Geomag set anywhere.

So how exactly are these magnetic bars powered and why do they glow in the dark? Good, Geomag Glow are made with 100% recycled materialswhich are also 100% natural. As such, they work by capturing sunlight, during the day, and will use it to glow in the dark. For the same reason, Geomag sets are also optimal for the environment as they do not harm it in any way

Since the Geomag sets are solar powered, it is best to leave them outdoors in a well-lit place during the day so they can capture enough sunlight to brighten the party.

Geomag Glow: the spooky version arrives for Halloween!

Why are they great Halloween decorations?

What makes the Glow sets great as a Halloween party decoration is the mysterious green light coming out of the magnetic pieces. This helps design a construction that looks like it came out of Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory.

For parents, this it’s an excellent way to get your kids excited about STEM principles (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). In addition to teaching them the basics of these principles, these magnets will allow children to have fun and develop creativity.

Prices and availability

Glow sets are available in three different options, differentiated by complexity and number of pieces. First there is the Geomag Glow 25 base, then the Geomag Glow 42 slightly more complex and, finally, the Geomag Glow 60.

If you’ve never approached a Geomag set, 25 could be a good place to start. If you are more experienced or want to make a complex Halloween decoration, Geomag Glow 60 may be more appropriate. We remind you that each set can be combined with other Glows or even with other Geomag sets.

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