Preparatevi a scoprire le migliori tecnologie Samsung Galaxy progettate per il presente e per il futuro thumbnail

Get ready to discover the best Samsung Galaxy technologies designed for the present and the future

Technology now governs every single moment of our day and Samsungwith the line Galaxy, performed a small technological miracle, designing one of the best technologies of the present and for the future: the Samsung Galaxy S Ultra range. This according to the words of the Dr. TM Roh.

Samsung Galaxy sets new standards with the S Ultra

In a published op-ed, Dr. Roh spoke of the growing need to offer devices you can trust, made by equally trusted brands.

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For that reason he praised the line Samsung Galaxy Swhich has enormously expanded the prospects of the current technological heritage, especially when it comes to the photographic sector, increasingly intelligent and capable of giving the best photos and videos in any condition the user is in.

Even the microprocessor is not to be underestimated, with the fastest and most powerful performance ever for the Galaxy line. Furthermore, at the top of the system is the spearhead of the S line, theS Ultraone of the most reliable products in terms of performance and quality.

This premium performance range is achieved through the integration of the most popular features of the Galaxy Notethus making the Galaxy S Ultra the pinnacle of innovation from Samsung Mobile.

As noted by the Dr. TM Roh in its editorial, Samsung is more attentive than ever to the environmental issue thanks to the adoption of a new strategy aimed at creating long-lasting devices.

In this way, the company intends to create positive changes for man and the planet, with new benchmarks for the mobile telephony sector.

In particular, Samsung will use theUnpacked 2023 to show how innovation and sustainability can go hand in hand, arriving at “the ultimate premium experience“.

The appointment is therefore for 1 February, in San Francisco, starting at 10:00 local time (around 19:00 in Italy). This year’s Unpacked will be special for two reasons: the first live event after 3 years and the official presentation of the Galaxy S23 line.

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