Windows 10 pronto all'addio, stop imminente alla vendita delle licenze thumbnail

Windows 10 comes the imminent stop to the sale of licenses

Windows 10 ready to say goodbye, imminent stop to the sale of thumbnail licenses

windows 10 may update 2021 aggiornamento min

Microsoft is preparing to stop licensing sales of Windows 10 Home and Pro. The operating system of the American house will be purchasable until next January 31, 2023 from the official website. After that date it will no longer be possible to complete the purchase of a Windows 10 license, at least through official channels.

Windows 10 licenses will no longer be sold

The decision was made: Microsoft will no longer sell Windows 10 licenses, still available for purchase until January 31st on the official website. For the future, the company is betting everything on Windows 11, a direct evolution of 10 with several interesting innovations that have already convinced millions of users around the world to update the operating system.

From next February it will continue to be possible to purchase official Windows 10 licenses but you will need to contact sellers third parties. For what concern support softwareInstead, Microsoft should support its operating system at least until October 2025. Note, however, that support may be extended.

The focus of Microsoft’s development work is linked to Windows 11 and the next updates arriving in 2023. Microsoft’s operating system is a real work in progress and will continue to receive updates to enrich itself with features and content. We’ll see if the diffusion of Windows 11 will be the same as its predecessor.

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