Preparate i fucili: Sniper Elite 5 è uscito, ed è disponibile anche su Xbox Game Pass thumbnail

Get your guns ready: Sniper Elite 5 is out, and it’s also available on Xbox Game Pass

Shotgun placed. Calibrated viewfinder. Stock up on ammunition taken. Nazis Spotted: Sniper Elite 5 is finally available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4 and 5, PC (via Steam and Windows Store). Xbox Game Pass owners will also be happy to hear that they can take out Nazi troops for free, as the game is included in the catalog.

The game, developed by Rebellion, is the fifth chapter of the highly acclaimed saga of Karl Fairburne, the most famous sniper in the gaming world. In this new title, players will have to mix sniping and tactics, to work their way through the immersive maps, which simulate in detail the real locations of the 1944 French D-Day. Plus, to celebrate the release, there is also a brand new launch trailer. .

What you need to know about Sniper Elite 5

In this new adventure we will see Karl Fairburne take part in the very secret mission of the American Rangers on the Atlantic Wall, along the coast of Brittany. We are in 1944, the Second War is winding down, and to confirm (or rewrite) the fate of history we must be precise. Like a sniper, in fact. Once he has infiltrated the territory, Karl will meet the militants of the French Resistance, and will discover a dangerous plot that threatens to tip the tide of the conflict in favor of the Nazis. It will be up to him to foil this maneuver, called Operation Kraken, by assassinating his mind: the Nazi Abelard Möller.

From the gaming point of view, Sniper Elite 5 comes with an extensive campaign, which can also be invaded by other players. The Invation mode in fact allows online players to play an axis sniper, making the life and mission of our Karl particularly difficult. This is joined by the Co-op mode, an old acquaintance of the franchise, which allows two players to support each other, sharing ammo, items and heals.

SE5 Screenshots Stealth ED 07 Unseen

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SE5 Screenshots ReleaseDate Multiplayer 04

SE5 Screenshots ReleaseDate WIP ED 06 Doorbuster

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Other noteworthy features at launch are:

  • High level of weapon customization
  • Total crossplay on all supported platforms
  • Kill Cam improvement: even more realistic and macabre (and sadistic too, in a positive sense)
  • New mechanics and details: iron sights for submachine guns and pistols arrive, and in full battle royale style, zip lines and slides are introduced along the slopes. In general the whole mechanic of traversing the map has been updated. Karl will also be able to discover hidden paths, which could make him discover points on the map that are advantageous for the sniper as he is.

We just have to grab the gun … er controller, and hunt down the Axis soldiers!

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