Ghost of Tsushima: a “chapter 2” in the works for PS5?

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Ghost of Tsushima “2” may be in the planning stages for PS5; this is what a clue popping up on the net would suggest

Ghost of Tsushima it turned out to be a huge success for Sucker Punch and Sony, perhaps even more than what software house and publisher initially expected, thus also demonstrating how much the type of setting of the aforementioned game is in line with the tastes of the videogame community and how much the latter needs productions of this kind. The open world action-adventure title has sold over 8 million units earlier this year and a film adaptation is also in the works. That said, it goes without saying that Sony is willing to capitalize on the popularity of the IP in question by making a sequel, and it seems that clues have recently popped up on the net that would suggest that a “Ghost of Tsushima 2“Is in the planning phase, probably for the flagship consul of the Japanese giant, that is PS5. Let’s see all the details about it in the next lines of this article.

Ghost of Tsushima: “Chapter 2” in all probability will be destined for PS5 and could have the same characteristics as the first game

Sucker Punch recently released an job advertisements to cover different positions, which is certainly not an extraordinary fact for any study, but it is worth investigating one detail in particular. A job posting for the position of “Encounter Designer“(Ie” Combat Phase Designer “) states that the developer is working on”an open world gamewith particular attention to the hand to hand combat and to stealth“. A description quite in keeping with what Ghost of Tsushima has accustomed us to; in short, it could really be a hypothetical “Ghost of Tsushima 2” per PS5.

Ghost of Tsushima: a "chapter 2" in the works for PS5?

We received new Ghost of Tsushima content last year with the expansion This is Island which came as an expansion of Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut on PS5, but it is likely that Sucker Punch has devoted a certain portion of its workforce to a full-fledged sequel not long after the original PS4 game launches in 2020. It remains to be seen how long we’ll have to wait before they’re ready. to reveal the alleged sequel. For now, take what we just brought back with a grain of salt.

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