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Charging stations europe there is too much difference between state and state

A huge imbalance in the distribution of charging stations in Europe. This is what ACEA, the association of European car manufacturers, underlines in a new communication.

The numbers speak for themselves. The Netherlands, with 90,000 points of public recharging, and Germany, with 60,000 infrastructures, concentrate more than half of the plants in the European Union. However, the two countries represent only 10% of the continental area.

This then means that the other half of the terminals are distributed in 25 countries covering 90% of the EU surface. With 37,128 charging points, France is in 3rd place in the standings. The least equipped country is Cyprus with 57 stations, behind Malta (98), Lithuania (207), Estonia (385) and Latvia (420).

Charging stations in Europe dominate (too much) the Netherlands

ACEA also points out that the Netherlands alone have as many shippers as 23 Member States combined. Too wide a gap that should alarm lawmakers. Indeed need to remember that the European Parliament has just validated the end of the sale of thermal and hybrid cars in 2035.

“While some countries are ahead in terms of infrastructure deployment, most are lagging behind,” says ACEA Director General Eric Mark Huitema.

According to ACEA, Italy is in fifth place with 23,543 recharging points, even if the latest surveys made by Motus-E speak of over 28,000 public terminals.

To date, the European Union has 307,000 public charging stations, a total growth of 180% over the past five years. However, the ACEA recalls that a study recently determined that this number will need to be increased to 6.8 million by 2030 whether the EU is to achieve its CO2 reduction target.

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