Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut: Iki Island si mostra in un trailer

Sucker Punch has released a trailer dedicated to Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut, through which he shows us in detail Iki Island

There is about a month to go until the official launch of Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut, the new version of the title developed by Sucker Punch and which, in these days, has celebrated one year since the original release. The return of Jin, in addition to new features that can take advantage of the PS5 hardware, it will also bring a dowry unpublished area, Iki Island, to which the development team has dedicated the trailer you find in the news. Through the video it is possible to give a first look at this portion of the map never explored before, and grasp some details of what will be the story that will gravitate around you.

Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut: un trailer ci mostra Iki Island

In the expansion dedicated to This is Island, Jin Sakai will cross its path with that of shaman Ankhsar Khatun, known as the Eagle. The new island promises to be more dangerous than ever, and it is Spectrum he will have to rely on the help of its inhabitants to defeat the enemy. L’Aquila seems to be in possession of some kind of hypnotic potion, which will make Jin prey to some hallucinatory sequences.

Through a post published on the PlayStation Blog, the senior writer of the production, Patrick Downs he expressed himself in this regard:

“Our semi-fictional version of Iki Island presents a profound contrast to Tsushima. It is a wild and unregulated land, prey to marauders and criminals, marked by the scars of war, as well as fiercely independent, which has managed to escape the control of the samurai for decades. Although he is very skilled, Jin cannot deal with the Mongols alone, so he will have to work together (or exploit) a whole series of unsavory characters, in order to be able to defeat the Eagle. The price of failure is too high: if the enemy were to succeed in subduing the island and obtain the support of its inhabitants, Tsushima and the rest of Japan would end up in grave danger. “

Before saying goodbye, and renewing the invitation to stay with us on, we remind you that the game will be available from next 20 of August, in the versions PS4 e PS5. If in the meantime, to pass the wait, you are looking for other titles at a discounted price, we recommend that you take a look at the offers on Instant Gaming.