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Ghost of Tsushima: how to get the Aloy skin from Horizon Forbidden West

Sucker Punch games pays tribute to Aloy, the PlayStation heroine. Let’s find out in this guide how to unlock the Horizon Fobidden West skin in Ghost of Tsushima

In recent days, Sucker Punch announced the arrival of a special Horizon skin within Ghost of Tsushima, their latest samurai-themed title. The costume in question takes up the classic outfit of Aloy, the main protagonist of the Guerrilla Games series. Ghost of Tsushima received the latest update recently. In the latter, some quest in one of these, you will have to solve a puzzle north ofisola di Iki. By completing it, you will receive the costume as a prize.

The PlayStation family is expanding

As an official member of the PlayStation Studios, Sucker Punch shook hands with Guerrilla Games, another well-known PlayStation development house. The symbol of this exchangeis represented by the introduction of the skin Of Horizon inside Ghost of Tsushima. The kit with the outfit, however, will be only available to all owners of the expansion Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut. This is because the mission in question is located in the aforementioned island of Iki, contained in DLC. If you want to find out in detail how to get the skin Of Aloykeep reading ours guide.

Ghost of Tsushima: how to get the Aloy skin from Horizon Forbidden West

A final adventure for Jin Sakai – Ghost of Tsushima: how to get the Horizon skin

The first step to put Jin Sakai in the role of the adventurer Aloy is to achieve the Forbidden Shrine. This can be found at north of the island of Iki, northwest of Fort Sakai and north of Sly Hunter Forest. Open the map and see the place where you must go. If you prefer save timeyou should have the opportunity to make a comfortable voyage quick. When you reach the Sanctuary, you will notice a roll in front of the statue. There parchment reads: “The old world is gone, although life is endless. Focus your Spirit, take the cloak to be arched. A seeker should yearn for the truth ”. Once reached up the place, follow the next ones step.

Ghost of Tsushima: how to get the Aloy skin from Horizon Forbidden West

Is this a cross over episode? – Ghost of Tsushima: come avere la skin di Horizon

Once you have read the parchment, you will have summary clues which, once solved, they will give you access to Aloy’s armor. So let’s see what the necessary steps are.

  • Equip the armor of Tadayori from the appropriate menu (armor can be purchased after completing the mission Mythic Tale “The Legend of Tadayori”)
  • Scroll through the touchpad below to enter the mode I listen
  • In this mode, take thearco and aim over the structure to see it light up rosso. Target and shoot one alone arrow to see the structure change color and become blu
  • At this point, others two spots they will be triggered and pop up behind the statue. Also shoot a these
  • Ghost of Tsushima: how to get the Aloy skin from Horizon Forbidden West

    From Samurai to hunter

    Completed all the procedureyou will be rewarded with two awards. The first will be the band “Hunter’s sign“, While the second is the hunter’s dress. With these two rewards you will be in possession of the skin Of Horizon Forbidden West to wear in Ghost of Tsushima. As you have seen, the procedure is not that complicated, however it is similar to the other steps than in the others Sanctuary allow you to wear others outfit of PlayStation characters. If you have any other questions about the title, read our guides. Let us know in the comments what do you think of these costumes.

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