Tech with Her, the initiative to increase female participation in the digital economy

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SDA Bocconi School of Management e Huawei they announced Tech with Herthe new initiative aimed at increasing female participation indigital economy. The goal of this initiative is to reduce the gender gap in the world of technology and the digital economy in general. Let’s find out all the details together.

Tech With Her, the new initiative by SDA Bocconi School and Huawei

The 2021 report published by World Economic Forum highlighted how women remain underrepresented in most of the so-called “professions of tomorrow”. By professions of tomorrow we mean the working fields of cloud computing orTO THE (Artificial intelligence).

To overcome this gap and encourage women to prove themselves in these fields, Huawei e SDA Bocconi School launched the Tech with Her initiative. This initiative is characterized by three training appointments on topics that also include computer science, AI technologies and Cybersecurity, addressing three different groups of women.

The first training program will take place from 7 to 11 March and is dedicated to young students interested in the world of technology. In order to participate, female students must be currently enrolled in the 5th year of a high school you have it first two years of a three-year degree course. The field of study is indifferent.

Second and third course

The course consists of 8 training sessions lasting an hour and a half. Keep in mind that you will need to register individually for each session. Each of them has as its main objective that of promote digital culture in the younger female populationproviding a first set of knowledge in this area.

The second program is scheduled between May e June and aims to address the issue of Digital Transformation. Here the goal is to guide the participants in the transition from one state of awareness, which is presumed to have already acquired autonomously, to a “post-digital mentality”. This program is aimed at women of any age who carry out their profession within a Small O Medium Italian company.

To conclude we find the third training program, scheduled between September and Octoberwhich caters to women working in the public administrations. The goal is to provide them with useful tools for observe trends related to digital transformation of local governments. We also want to promote digital innovation, identify and manage the potential risks associated with the introduction of digital technologies.

The statements of Wilson Wang and Greta Nasi

Wilson WangCEO of Huawei Italy, said:

Thanks to advances in technology, we are moving towards an increasingly intelligent and connected world. It is therefore our primary objective to contribute to the creation of a company that offers equal opportunities in work and organizational contexts through digital skills. With this initiative together with SDA Bocconi, we intend to offer training to reduce the gender gap in technology in three areas that are fundamental to us: academia, SMEs and public administrations, so that women can actively participate in the digital economy and contribute to the digitization of the country.

Huawei is convinced that, in this digital age, women must be protagonists of the technological industry. By increasing their visibility, a whole world of possibilities will open up that can bring new technological and commercial advances. It is for this reason that “Tech for Her, Tech by Her, Tech with Her” was born.

Through these initiatives, Huawei provides women with necessary tools to be protagonists from the digital transition. At the same time it encourages their participation in technological innovation.

Greta Nasi, Professor of Innovation in the public sector, Department of Social and Political Sciences of the Bocconi University, and Scientific Director of the initiative, said: “Technologies are part of our daily life but understanding their scope to innovate, create professional opportunities and solve social problems requires people who have a digital culture. This initiative is aimed at women who can make a difference in the digital environment. “

Registrations to participate in the first meeting, which will be held from 7 to 11 March, will remain open until the maximum limit is reached of participants. You can register through the official website.