Giffoni Good Games: tutto sull’evento di luglio dedicato ai videogiochi thumbnail

Giffoni Good Games: all about the July event dedicated to video games

Giffoni Good Games: all about the July event dedicated to video games thumbnail

Famous for the historic film festival, which over the years has become a real cultural and cross-media hub, this summer Giffoni Valle Piana will host two days of events dedicated to the culture of gaming. Thus it was born Giffoni Good Gameswhich will be held in the Salerno town on Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 July 2023.

The initiative is conceived and implemented by Giffoni Innovation Hub and aims to embrace the entire gaming universe: from developers to esports, from new technologies to startups. And then, of course, there will be the cosplayers, an essential element for this type of event.

The program and tickets for Giffoni Good Games

The event will branch out through the Gaming Area and theE-Sports Stage. The first will be dedicated to video games, with workstations and titles, while the second will be dedicated to competitive gaming, with guests and pro-players. In addition, anyone will be able to test themselves and participate in one of the esports tournaments scheduled. It will also be possible to play shoulder to shoulder with the top player present. The events will take place in equipped rooms, equipped with state-of-the-art audio/video systems which, born for cinematographic use, will be transformed into arena e-sport.

Giffoni Good Games

Among the most awaited appointments of Giffoni Good Games we mention:

  • the final ofUniversity Masterthe first video game tournament between Italian universities organized by 2WATCH
  • Hosted by Dario MocciaRoberta “Ckibe“Sorge, Andrew”Shamzy di Raimo, David MasellaAlessandro “Nanni Pieri and Matthias”Polly” Negri.
  • Special guest by Antonella Arpa (AKA He died), Alessia Giorgi alias ShontasGAlessandra Neri (better known as Kaaat) and many others
  • Contest per cosplayer
  • Workshops, talks and panels dedicated to the world of video games

For the complete program of both days and the tickets, we refer you to the official website. We also remind you that until 31 March it is possible to purchase the season ticket for both days at the discounted price of €10 (at a 50% discount compared to the box office).

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