Ricarica wireless a 500 kW per le auto elettriche, pronte in 10 minuti thumbnail

500 kW wireless charging for electric cars, ready in 10 minutes

A university in Sweden has created a 500 kW wireless charging system for electric cars, which charges them inductively within minutes. Stops without having to plug in a single plug, the time for a coffee before leaving again. But would it be possible to launch them on the market?

Wireless charging for electric cars, ready in minutes

A research team from Chalmers University in Svezia has created a new electric car charging system that uses the induction technology. The system is able to deliver a power of 500 kWmaking it a promising solution to the challenge of charging electric cars.

Currently, many nations have surpassed sales of diesel cars with electric ones. However, the number of charging stations is still insufficient. The use of highly efficient charging systems therefore becomes essential.

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The charging system developed by Chalmers University uses semiconductors made of silicon carbide and operates at a frequency of 80 kHz, superior to conventional induction systems. The system also uses fili Litz to compensate for the heat generated during charging, making it highly efficient. The losses of only 1-2%compared to losses of up to 50% of traditional induction charging devices make a difference.

However, the researchers have no plans to commercialize the technology for individual use. Rather, they prefer to focus on industrial use, where high power and efficiency could have a significant impact. Other companies too, such as Tesla, Volvo e London EV Company Limitedare experimenting with induction charging technology.

Despite the promise of technology, cost may be a limiting factor. However, with the growing demand for electric cars, the development of highly efficient charging solutions such as induction charging becomes increasingly critical.

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