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Gifts: Instagram tests a new monetization option

Instagram tests "Gifts", a new thumbnail monetization option

L’Apps on Instagram is testing a new option that would give creators an additional chance to monetize on the platform. As far as we know, the feature being tested by Instagram is called “Gifts“, And allows creators to earn money through Reels. So let’s go find out something more.

Gifts: Instagram adds a new earning option for creators

The rumors on the Net speak of a new function of Instagram for the monetization of creators, Gifts. Although, as reported by a spokesperson for Meta, “this functionality is an internal prototype and not tested externally”. Despite this, what matters is that the platform is testing an option it has been working on for a while. For the first time, in fact, Alessandro Paluzzi identified the feature in July, when Instagram was still developing it under the name “content appreciation”. After some time, the idea behind the option remains the same.

The feature would, in fact, allow creators to activate an option that will allow fans to send them so-called “Gifts”. Indeed, taking a look at the Paluzzi screenshots it would seem that users have a button at the bottom of the Reels. In short, if the expert’s advances were true, this would mean that Instagram is still working a lot on monetization options for creators. Only a few years ago, in fact, Instagram launched Badge, an option that allows users to provide support to creators during a live. And now, with the launch of Gifts Instagram would add the possibility of earn both live and with the Reels.

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