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GIGABYTE: AORUS Z790 X Motherboards Coming Soon

GIGABYTE Announces AORUS Z790 X Motherboards for Intel Next-Gen Processors X Gen Designed for Next-Gen

GIGABYTE Technology is a leading global manufacturer of motherboards, graphics cards and hardware solutions. The company is pleased to introduce the new revolutionary AORUS Z790 Generation X motherboards. These motherboards have been carefully designed to usher in a new era of computing power; they are also designed to be perfectly compatible with Intel Core processors.

With an extraordinary focus on DDR5 performance, user-focused BIOS advancements and hardware innovations; AORUS Z790 X motherboards are designed to make the most of next-generation power. GIGABYTE’s commitment to achieving unprecedented next-generation performance is evident in the AORUS Z790 X motherboards.

These motherboards are equipped with cutting-edge technologies which offer best-in-class DDR5 compatibility and performance. With support up to DDR5 XMP-8266 or higher, DDR5 XMP Auto Booster allows users to easily boost the frequency from native DDR5-5600 to 6000 with just one click.

Furthermore, new “Back Drilling” technology improves signal integrityensuring superior system performance and increased reliability.

GIGABYTE: AORUS Z790 X Motherboards Coming Soon

GIGABYTE AORUS Z790 X Motherboards: Innovative Features for DIY Assembly

AORUS Z790 X motherboards feature a number of innovations designed to simplify the assembly process for users. The “M.2 EZ-Latch Click” feature introduces screwless installation for M.2 heatsinks, while “M.2 EZ-Latch Plus” simplifies the installation of M.2 SSDs.

The “PCIe EZ-Latch” (Plus) system allows you to easily remove graphics cards. Additionally, the “Sensor Panel Link,” unique to the Z790 AORUS PRO X and B760M AORUS ELITE X models, simplifies sensor panel setup without the need for complex wiring. The Z790 AORUS XTREME X stands out with a 5″ Edge View LCD display, which provides real-time system information and captivating images.

AORUS Z790 X motherboards are designed to handle intense workloads and feature an advanced thermal design made entirely of metal. The AORUS XTREME X and AORUS MASTER X models feature the VRM Thermal Armor Fins-Array design; this increases the heat dissipation area up to 10 times.

The design is further optimized thanks to the nanocarbon coating, guaranteeing a thermal improvement of 10%. Additionally, XTREME and XL models include the “M.2 Thermal Guard,” specifically designed to ensure optimal cooling for PCIe Gen 5 SSD operations. The I/O fan design contributes significantly to the temperature reduction, resulting in an overall decrease up to 7°C.

Ultra Durable Technology

GIGABYTE’s Ultra Durable Technology sets a high standard in terms of reliability and robustness for gaming platforms. Within the AORUS Z790 X Gen motherboard lineup, the UD X PCIe slot is an outstanding achievement. This one-piece, seamless design, securely attached to a dedicated backplate, increases the load capacity by as much as 10 times.

In combination with the rubber strip of the inner lining, which protects the PCB of the graphics card from possible scratches, a solid foundation for the graphics cards is obtained; ensuring durability and superior performance. These motherboards are ready to dominate even the most demanding gaming scenarios, with advanced features like UD D5 memory slot, UD M.2 PG5 slot and UD Nanocarbon backplate.

GIGABYTE: AORUS Z790 X Motherboards Coming Soon

GIGABYTE’s New AORUS Z790 X Cards: Intuitive Customizations and Collaborations

GIGABYTE’s ongoing effort in BIOS optimization comes to life through the AORUS Z790 X motherboards. The new UC BIOS offers a completely redesigned user interface and user experience; including slots for customizable options for quick access.

PerfDrive technology integrates GIGABYTE’s exclusive BIOS settings, allowing for easy balancing of performance, power consumption and temperature with Intel Core processors. Collaboration with HWiNFO improves the accuracy of hardware information and introduces innovative features. This partnership introduces an AORUS-themed skin for HWiNFO, a Memory Timings Monitor, and real-time BIOS insights.

AORUS Z790 X motherboards set a new standard for high-performance computingredefining the possibilities for enthusiasts, professionals and gamers.

And you? What do you think of these new GIGABYTE AORUS Z790 X Cards ? Let us know with a comment below and always stay tuned to for other news and reviews from the world of technology (and beyond!).

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