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Philips Lumea IPL 9000 review: the best laser epilator?

In this review we will deepen the Philips Lumea IPL 9000 laser epilator, highlighting the pros and cons that emerged in our use

In case you are looking for an effective, comfortable and long-lasting method to reduce and eliminate hair growth right from your home, you may want to consider pulsed light devices. One of them is Philips Lumea IPL 9000. This device uses powerful IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technology to damage the hair roots, preventing long-term hair regrowth.

In this detailed review, we will thoroughly explore the advanced features, hair removal performance and overall user experience offered by the Philips Lumea IPL 9000. From its promises of long-lasting results to the convenience of home use, we will provide you with an overview complete to help you evaluate whether this epilator is truly suitable for your personal care needs.


The unboxing experience of the Philips Lumea IPL 9000 is complete and well cared for from the first moment. Upon opening the box, you are presented with an array of accessories specially designed to meet your different treatment needs. Among these, theaccessory for body treatment, characterized by a convex shape and a generously sized window (4.1 cm²). This accessory allows for personalized treatment for legs, arms and abdomen. For the facial treatmentOn the other hand, there is a flat-shaped accessory, with a 2 cm² window and an additional filter, offering a targeted treatment for the upper lip, chin and jaw line. For the more sensitive areas, such as the bikini zone not armpits, specially designed accessories are included: the first, with a concave shape and a 3 cm² window, offers a specific and delicate treatment; the second, also concave and with the same size as the window, guarantees a treatment for the armpits.

In addition to the accessories, inside the package we will also find thepower supplya practice travel pouch for optimal transport and the instruction manualwho will guide us step by step in using the device, making the IPL hair removal process within reach even for beginners.

Philips Lumea IPL 9000 review: the best laser epilator?

Build Quality | Philips Lumea IPL 9000 review

The build quality of Philips Lumea IPL 9000 turned out to be really good. The device has been designed with attention to detail. Although the outer shell is completely made of plastic, the feeling of robustness is immediately perceptible when you hold the device in your hand. The choice of ergonomic and curved shapes not only contributes to the elegant aesthetics of the device, but also allows for a comfortable grip during use.

The smooth finish, with glossy details, of the device adds a touch of sophistication and modernity, while the well-placed keys and LED lights help to make it very intuitive to use. The attention to aesthetic details also extends to the accessories included, each of which has been designed with specific shapes and sizes to guarantee targeted and precise treatments for different areas of the body.

In terms of build quality, the Philips Lumea IPL 9000 proves to be solid and durable, with a long-lasting feel that justifies the investment. Accessories connect securely to the device. The practical travel pouch adds a touch of practicality, allowing you to keep all your accessories organized and protected when not in use.

The only drawback concerns the keys to increase and decrease the intensity of the pulsed light which, from time to time, happened to get stuck.

Philips Lumea IPL 9000 review: the best laser epilator?

Experience d’uso | Philips Lumea IPL 9000 review

Before starting, it is essential to read the user manual and carry out a skin test. The manual is comprehensive and easy to read. Contains helpful diagrams, skin tone and hair color tables, information on how IPL technology works, what to expect from Lumea, skin test instructions, how to use and post-treatment care directions.

A focus on safety is noticeable right from the start, with a long list of warnings and contraindications to carefully consider. For example, it’s important to avoid sun exposure for two weeks before and 48 hours after each treatment, as well as use a sunscreen with SPF 30+ for at least two weeks after each session. The presence of a UV filter in the IPL lamp helps protect the skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet light. The device also offers a Smartskin Sensor function which suggests the best intensity based on your skin tone, taking the guesswork out of choosing the power level.

As far as usage is concerned, the Philips Lumea IPL 9000 proves to be practical and effective. It is equipped with different heads to adapt to various parts of the body, such as legs, face, bikini and underarms. The ergonomic design, featuring a long, tapered handle, offers a secure and comfortable grip, which facilitates movement and precision during treatment. Using the device is simple: once you’ve selected your desired intensity, you place the 90-degree treatment window on your skin and press the shutter button. After each flash, you can move to the next zone.

Thanks to its curved design, the Lumea Prestige adapts easily to the curves of the body, ensuring close contact and accurate application. This innovative design contributes to a more comfortable feeling during treatment. Additionally, the device is capable of flashing with an interval of just 2 seconds, making it one of the fastest high-power IPL devices available. Clearly, the time interval becomes greater if we use the device wirelessly.

Philips Lumea IPL 9000 review: the best laser epilator?

Does it really remove hair? | Philips Lumea IPL 9000 Review

We conducted extensive testing of the device on a variety of skin types, both male and female. During the evaluation process, we noticed some significant differences in the reactions and results obtained.

When using it on men’s skin, we observed a partial reduction in hair, but not as uniform as we would have expected. The results were more variable, with some areas showing a greater response to treatment than others. This difference could be attributed to the nature of male hair, which is often thicker and more robust.

On the other hand, when used on female skin, we found a much more evident and uniform hair reduction. This could be due to the typical texture of female hair, which tends to be finer and less tenacious than male hair. As a result, the device was able to more effectively target and treat female hair, leading to more consistent results.

Interestingly, device response may vary based on hair type, density, and skin texture. These findings reflect the importance of tailoring treatment to individual needs and taking into consideration each individual’s specific skin and hair characteristics.

Ultimately, the test results demonstrated that the device produced more significant and consistent hair reduction results on female skin than male skin, likely due to differences in the nature of hair and skin between the sexes.

Philips Lumea IPL 9000 review: the best laser epilator?

Let’s sum up

Having thoroughly reviewed the Philips Lumea IPL 9000 and evaluating its characteristics, build quality and user experience, we are ready to draw a conclusion about this IPL epilator.

Without a doubt, the Philips Lumea IPL 9000 presents itself as a high-quality, well-designed and ergonomic device. The unboxing experience offers an assortment of accessories specifically designed for various parts of the body, providing a full range of treatment options. The ruggedness of the device’s construction, while mostly plastic, conveys confidence in its durability and promises to justify the investment.

The experience of using the Philips Lumea IPL 9000 was effective and practical. Thanks to the different accessories included, you can easily target different areas of the body. The ergonomic design and click system simplify application, while the Smartskin Sensor function helps ensure a personalized and safe treatment. The speed of the flashes, especially wirelessly, makes the process efficient.

However, it is important to consider differences in results based on skin and hair type. The effectiveness of the device appears to vary between male and female users. While less uniform results were seen on men’s skin, the hair reduction was more noticeable and uniform on women’s skin, due to the less tenacious nature of women’s hair.

Therefore, we recommend the Philips Lumea IPL 9000 to people who are looking for an effective, comfortable and long-lasting method of hair reduction right from their own home. In particular, regarding female users, it seems that the device offers more promising results. Keep in mind that the price around 500 euros it could represent a considerable expense, but considering the convenience and the prospect of long-lasting results, it could be worth it for those willing to invest in their personal care. IPL technology proves to be a step forward in home hair removal, and the Philips Lumea IPL 9000 is definitely a top contender in this field.

Plus points

  • Effectiveness in hair reduction, especially on female skin
  • Build quality
  • Several accessories included
  • Ergonomic design
  • Ease of use

Points against

  • Results not 100% guaranteed
  • Occasional jamming of the intensity selection key
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