GIGABYTE al MWC 2023: progressi nella tecnologia AI, ESG e 5G thumbnail

GIGABYTE at MWC 2023: Advances in AI, ESG and 5G Technology

GIGABYTE and its subsidiary, Giga Computingare co-presenting next generation server solutions at MWC 2023. The exhibition will cover soluzioni IT per edge computing, sviluppo AI, data center HPC, server cloud, green computing e visual computing. The main theme will be that of the “Power of Computing”. Thanks to GIGABYTE’s long experience, these servers have been widely adopted by academic institutions and enterprises around the world, accelerating innovation in various industries.

GIGABYTE at MWC 2023 presents the new technology. Here are the details

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GIGABYTE presents the three edge serve models at MWC 2023 in Barcelona: E163-S30, E263-Z30, E252-P30. They support the latest Intel, AMD and Ampere processors. In addition, they support the operation of large quantities of IoT devices in 5G applications such as smart manufacturing, automotive technology and smart cities. To expand the business opportunities of 5G, GIGABYTE offers various edge server selections that excel in computing power, scalability, transmission speed and lower power consumption.

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The chassis design a shallow depth allows servers to scale in micro data centers near data sources in urban and remote areas. It is thus enabling governments and companies to connect people to 5G smart technology.

Not only. At MWC, GIGABYTE will exhibit the latest server GPU/HPC (G493-SB0, H263-S64). They support the latest processors, DDR5 RAM, and high-bandwidth PCIe 5.0 lanes that boost AI processing efficiency.

GIGABYTE offers several server selections NVIDIA Certified GPUs/HPCs which have passed stringent performance, stability and scalability tests. They dramatically accelerate workloads for large-scale data processing, training, and AI/ML model inference, taking AI research to the next level. Air, liquid and immersion cooling solutions will also be showcased, providing various options for companies to build their “green data centers”.

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