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Pirates of the Caribbean: Jerry Bruckheimer would like the return of Johnny Depp

The well-known producer Jerry Bruckheimer, motivates the ardent desire to want Johnny Depp back in the next Pirates of the Caribbean project. Let’s find out all the details released below

As recently bounced in the various newspapers on the web; Johnny Depp will not be present in the next sixth chapter of Pirates of the Caribbean. To confirm the absence of the iconic interpreter of Captain Jack Sparrow, it was nothing less than the sad interview released by the producer Jerry Bruckheimer.

A tough decision that could have been avoided; probably partly related to the actor’s recent legal events, regarding the allegations of violence made by his ex-wife Amber Heard (solved with a compensation agreement). Here is what was declared by the producer Jerry Bruckheimer:

I would love to have him back in the movie. He’s a friend, an incredible actor and it’s a shame that personal life has to creep into everything we do.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Jerry Bruckheimer would like the return of Johnny Depp

Pirates of the Caribbean: Johnny Depp a valuable resource

Considered the most successful saga in the house Disney; the presence of Johnny Depp was able to immediately color the interpretation of the captain Jack Sparrow; making it shine with different nuances and eccentricities. Leading character of the entire Pirates of the Caribbean genre, his absence could be compared as the lack of a precious resource. Thesis supported by the desire expressed by the producer Jerry Bruckheimer,leaning on the possibility of having the Hollywood actor back in the future:

He’s so good at what he does, and actors bounce back from things like this. He is a good person and very thoughtful. He’s someone you can count on and he’s just amazing. Johnny is a true friend and an amazing artist.

After the success achieved in 2017 on the big screen with Salazar’s Revenge; the absence of a precious resource such as J.Depp could lead the sixth chapter towards a not exactly favorable and favored outcome. Further details about the project have not been disclosed at this time. From the web sources found so far; others two Pirates of the Caribbean movies are in the works.

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