Gigabyte: here are all the secrets of the new AORUS RGB DDR5

Gigabyte Announced 32GB 6000MHz AORUS RGB DDR5 Memory Kit, Raising Frequency to 6000MHz

The Taiwanese giant Gigabyte announces the kit from ben 6000 MHz, in cut of 32 GB. They are the new AORUS RGB DDR5, improved profile XMP Booster and from the user profile XMP 3.0 of Gigabyte Z690 motherboards and copper-aluminum heat sinks with thermal coating in nano-carbon, the new memory kit promises superior performance with stability by dissipating heat efficiently during high-speed operation.

The AORUS RGB DDR5 6000 MHz memorized kit and 32 GB offers a ‘high clock speed and low power consumption thanks to two memory banks dual-channel 16GB 6000MHz XMP DDR5 with timing 40-40-40-76, compatible with the platform’s DDR5 support Intel Z690.

Together with GIGABYTE Z690 AORUS motherboards, the 32GB AORUS RGB DDR5 6000MHz memory kit can take advantage of the “DDR5 XMP Booster” function which detects the brand of the memory chip in the BIOS settings to allow users to instantly choose from multiple built-in memory overclocking profiles, increasing the speed of native DDR5 or XMP DDR5 memory. Furthermore, “XMP 3.0 User Profile”Allows users to create and store their own XMP profiles to unleash extreme memory performance.

Gigabyte: here are all the secrets of the new AORUS RGB DDR5

Gigabyte: here are all the secrets of the new AORUS RGB DDR5

Obviously equipped with solid thermal solutions guaranteed by copper-aluminum heat sinks with nano-carbon coating and high conductivity thermal pad, so that users can rest assured about memory overclocking. The heat generated by the power control circuit and memory chip is quickly dissipated by the thermal pad and copper bottom and eliminated through the nano-carbon coated copper-aluminum heat sinks.

The CNC engraved groove on the spreaders increases the heat dissipation area to optimize heat flow ejected from the system fans and lower the temperature. Users no longer have to worry about overclocking errors caused by overheating due to high-speed operation or memory surge.

In order to provide superior stability and maximum performance, the 32GB AORUS RGB DDR5 6000 MHz memory kit It has been implemented with ultra-strong Gigabyte elements and tested with the full range of Gigabyte motherboards. The 32GB AORUS RGB DDR5 6000MHz Memory Kit is coming to market soon with its phenomenal performance and stylish lighting effects.

Gigabyte: here are all the secrets of the new AORUS RGB DDR5 Gigabyte: here are all the secrets of the new AORUS RGB DDR5

The AORUS RGB DDR5 6000MHz memorized kit and 32GB are available 8 digital LEDs to create diversified and subdued lighting. The unique light strips and related effects illuminate the AORUS design motifs to give the memory sticks a more vivid, but not too sharp, beam of light. Using Gigabyte’s exclusive RGB Fusion app, users can synchronize the RGB lighting effects of PC components and peripherals, playing with different lighting schemes on their build. With the integrated RGB functionality, users can show their RGB style, enhanced by the RGB lighting of the memories.

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