Armored Core: FromSoftware’s possible new game unveiled

On the ResetEra forum you learn from a user how, through a survey aimed at players by FromSoftware, the studio is working on a new game of the beloved Armored Core mecha saga

When you hear the Hidetaka Miyazaki, accompanied by that of FromSoftware, it comes to think in a more than natural way about the most popular RPGs in recent years. Still, Miyazaki’s career as a game director is actually started with a franchise quite distant from role-playing games, debuting through the Armored Core series. These titles expand across the various PlayStation platforms and the Xbox 360, with fifteen games in total and split into a main mainline, console and mobile spin-offs. The last chapter released is dated to 2013, and still many fans are anxiously awaiting a continuation of the series, even if FromSoftware has been busier in the production of several hits like Sekiro and Elden Ring. However, a return of Armored Core could be close: a ResetEra user would have in fact participated in a survey in which several details on the possible new Armored Core game are discovered.

What’s in the new Armored Core game

The user Red Liquorice mentions some key aspects of the new game belonging to the Armored Core saga, detailed in the survey. Apparently, they would have been provided not only a general description of the title plot, but also eight screenshots and two 30-second gameplay videos. In the first video it is visible the fight against a boss, while in the second a gameplay within the world game, in a snowy area. The user says he cannot disclose the screenshots, as they are also marked with an identification ID, but still describes some possible features of the title: it is a sci-fi world created by Hidetaka Miyazaki within a third-party shooter person with mecha and shooting, which allows the player to move around a large representative map a unique sci-fi environment and dynamic mecha action.

Armored Core: FromSoftware's possible new game unveiled

Speaking of the boss fight, the user considers it very similar to the souls style. In the battle scene, a player would be shown maneuvering a white mecha, which would then collide with a red mecha wielding a sword generated by a laser or some kind of energy. In addition, the player would appear to be following a couple of other players further away, walking in the snow. Another aspect similar to the souls seems to be found in the architecture of the structures, even if the castles are replaced by buildings in ruins, made of metal or stone. The description would speak of a mysterious substance, the “Melange”, which would have led humanity towards technological progress, and which in the past would have also caused a cosmic disaster on the planet Bashtar.

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