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GIGABYTE: here is the overclocking world record

The impressive memory overclocking frequency, verified by HWBOT, was achieved thanks to the extreme design and improved tuning

GIGABYTE Technologyone of the main world producers from motherboards, graphics cards e hardware solutionstoday announces that the motherboard Z690 AORUS TACHYON with the latest processor Intel® Core i9 12900K from 12a liquid nitrogen heat generation and dissipation LN2 established the world record in overclocking of DDR5-10022, verified by HWBOT.

The GIGABYTE Z690 AORUS TACHYON designed by a world-renowned overclocker is equipped with numerous features designed exclusively for extreme overclocking, which guarantee overclockers higher scores with easier operation, enshrining GIGABYTE’s dominant role in overclocking Z690 motherboards.

GIGABYTE Z690 AORUS TACHYON: here is the world record

This world record DDR5 established by the GIGABYTE Z690 AORUS TACHYON has been validated by HWBOT. This is the records verification website for overclocking famous throughout the world, which certifies that theoverclocker HiCookie set the main record a 5011 MHz (DDR5-10022) using a single memory stick. AORUS DDR5 RGB with core i9 12900K, on ​​its self-designed AORUS TACHYON Z690 motherboard in the DDR5 memory overclocking competition.

The Z690 AORUS TACHYON demonstrates the remarkable strength of GIGABYTE’s R&D area with DDR5-10022 overclocking world records set, without even noticeable changes in memory timings. We will definitely be using the Z690 AORUS TACHYON to create better overclocking performance, and we can’t wait for overclockers around the world to use this motherboard to break even more world records.

designed by well-known overclockers

GIGABYTE Z690 AORUS TACHYON is designed by well-known overclockers exclusively for the needs of overclocking, with the consistency of the previous generation, as well as the widely recognized strength and stability of GIGABYTE. The Z690 AORUS TACHYON adopts a power supply 15 + 1 + 2 direct phaseseach of which can deliver up to 105 ampere with its design Smart Power Stage, which provides complete power management.

L’area VRM it is implemented with a matrix made entirely of tantalum polymer capacitors with better transient response and less mechanical interference, which allow for improved power stability and overclocking.

Also, the last solution Reactive Armor uses a heat sink integrated metal monobloc to ensure a larger area of ​​heat dissipation. The Shielded Memory Routingthe memory modules DIMM SMD and the complete configuration of the BIOS for memory overclocking DDR5 they also contribute to overclocking stability.

At the same time, the integrated overclocking kit design on the motherboard provides hotkeys, toggle switches and voltage sensing functions that many overclockers use during their overclocking adjustments. This kit allows overclockers to adjust settings more comfortably through shortcut functions, easily overcome any limitations and achieve even better overclocking results.

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