This meme generator tweets like Elon Musk

Questo generatore di meme twitta come Elon Musk thumbnail

And new meme generator premised of create absurd tweets as if they came directly from the keyboard (and from the account Twitter) from Elon Musk. And many online are trying to beat the future owner of the social by creating the more megalomaniac tweets and absurd as possible.

Here is the meme generator that takes over Elon Musk’s Twitter account

ImgFlip it has long served to create every meme imaginable starting from images that are already widely used or uploading your own. A very popular way of making comedy online: to comment on current events or simply to joke with your friends. But with the possibility of tweet like Muskmemes may become difficult to distinguish from reality.

Tesla’s CEO has accustomed us to unhappy exits and jokes that leave the reader doubtful. So much so that if he wrote “I leave for Mars” we think the SpaceX launch station would immediately go into pre-alarm.

But on this site you can try to beat Musk at his own game. Or almost: if Musk really announced that he was buying a planet, some bank executives would begin to understand how to find the funds and what interest rate to use. For the rest of the world, access to credit is usually not that easy.

How does it work

The ImgFlip meme generator allows you to choose a Template from the most popular ones, or by trying to create one from scratch. In this case the recipe is very simple: someone has uploaded a screenshot of a Musk tweet to the platformwithout the text.

In the box Text #1 you can choose the text you prefer instead. In this period the jokes of the type “I bought X” are wasted after the acquisition of Twitter. From Provided a Microsoftmoving on to the same ImgFlip to avoid seeing new memes making fun of him.

If you’re well versed in meme making, you’ve probably already created the perfect image to fool anyone, including Elon Musk. If you have just discovered this possibility, what will you make Musk buy? Write it to us in the comments.

We have tried to write a “I’m buying techprincess” but we fear that he takes us seriously and we would rather avoid. In the case of actual capture, we will remove this sentence so please avoid taking screenshots, please.