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GIGABYTE Launches New G5 / G7 Gaming Laptops

In the last few hours, the GIGABYTE company has announced the launch of its new G5 / G7 Gaming laptops

GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd (here for more about the company), the world’s leading PC brand, launches gaming laptops today GIGABYTE Gaming G5 / G7 equipped with Intel 12th Generation 10nm processor. A laptop to meet the wide range of needs in multitasking, gaming and entertainment. With CPU per laptop Intel Core i5-12500H 12th generation, consisting of 12 cores, 16 threads and a maximum clock rate of 4.5 GHz. To meet the needs of teleworking and online lessons, the purchase of high-performance laptops has been simplified with the adoption of Core i5-12500H. This Core i5 processor is powerful enough to effortlessly handle user routines. Equipped with series graphics cards NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30also introduces MUX switch graphics card switching technology.

GIGABYTE Launches New G5 / G7 Gaming Laptops

G5 / G7 Gaming Laptop – Play Your Way

GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY launches gaming laptops 15-inch G5 and 17-inch G7 to deliver an unrivaled multitasking experience. People’s lifestyles, including patterns in the aspects of study, work, entertainment, etc., have changed significantly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Consequently, a laptop with high performance and portability is necessary for people to realize their new daily life. This leads to the definitive creation of GIGABYTE’s latest generation of multitasking gaming laptops. Unlike past appearances, the fashionable Mecha pattern is adopted on the surface of the laptop case to show strong personal taste. With the focus on “multitasking” to appeal to Generation Z gamers, G Series laptops are designed not just for gaming, but they offer a great balance between entertainment and work skills.


In terms of gaming performance, laptops are equipped with chips NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050, RTX 3050 Ti and. By adopting the award-winning NVIDIA Ampere architecture, the breakthrough in graphics performance can support the drawing technique through ray-tracing. As well as advanced artificial intelligence, to display more vivid light and shadow effects. This can definitely allow you to play AAA masterpieces. The series laptop GPUs RTX 30 they also feature the latest 3rd generation Max-Q technologies for optimum power and performance. Overall processing speed and gaming experience will be greatly improved. Equipped with the exclusive cooling system WINDFORCE, highly efficient dual 59-blade fans, 5 unique heat pipes and 4 exhaust vents. Laptops can dissipate the heat generated after CPU and GPU high-speed running, exerting their 100% performance stably and completely.

GIGABYTE Launches New G5 / G7 Gaming Laptops


In addition to the performance upgrade, the portability feature of the G5 / G7 has another significant twist. Get rid of the stereotypical impression that the body of a high-performance laptop must be bulky and heavy. The dimensions of the laptops were reduced by 22% compared to laptops of previous generations. The laptop would be a stylish accessory, which can be carried with one hand to any occasion such as lectures and meetings. For versatile gamer groups, laptops can also offer a definitive full specification, including a gaming display with a high refresh rate of 144Hz.


The door is also introduced Type-C di Thunderbolt 4, which provides a transmission speed of up to 40 Gbps. The laptops also include advanced video out ports and ports I/O complete, helping users to easily create multitasking environments anytime, anywhere. The SSD slot supports PCle Gen4 at high speed, to reduce waiting times for reading and copying large files. Users have powerful gaming performance and enjoy unprecedented multitasking performance. Laptops are not only for fun in games, but also for battles in everyday life.

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