GIGABYTE protagonist of CES 2022 with an interactive experience

GIGABYTE protagonista del CES 2022 con un'esperienza virtuale interattiva thumbnail

The CES 2022 it was an opportunity to discover the many innovations that characterize the future of GIGABYTE, a reference brand in the tech world that is carving out, year after year, an increasingly important space in the sector. The solutions proposed by GIGABYTE at CES 2022 concern various sectors with the company offering an interactive virtual experience dedicated to the world of telecommunications and 5G, the automotive sector and, of course, the creative and gaming sectors. Let’s see the details.

Lots of news from GIGABYTE at CES 2022

To discover the many innovations that will guide the future of GIGABYTE, aexclusive interactive virtual experience through the GIGABYTE website. This experience allows you to discover the various innovations that the company has developed in recent months and unveiled on the occasion of CES 2022, an event with which GIGABYTE officially kicked off a year full of surprises.

The experience proposed by GIGABYTE is divided into various sectors, from the world of telecommunications to gaming, passing through the automotive and datacenter sector. A particular interactive experience of great interest was created for each sector of activity.

New products unveiled in Las Vegas

The video below, on the other hand, allows us to relive thelaunch event that GIGABYTE held, in digital version, on the occasion of CES 2022. Here is the video to relive the event and discover the new products coming: